In the Aftermath of the Stem Cell Veto

Monday, July 24, 2006

Regarding the July 20 news story "Stem Cell Bill Gets Bush's First Veto":

I am happy to see that President Bush is consistent in defending life, which is valuable at all stages. Mr. Bush's veto of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, which included funding for embryonic stem cell research, was a stand for the defenseless unborn.

Research using "adult" stem cells is a good use of research dollars.


Columbus, Mich.


I was surprised that the July 20 news story had only one mention of "adult" stem cells. The reference also seemed dismissive, as though adult stem cells were a less effective option for curing disease than embryonic stem cells.

Adult stem cells have already been used to effect amazing cures by the thousands, while embryonic stem cells have not resulted in even a single cure.


Gatineau, Quebec


Though it was expected, President Bush's veto of the stem cell legislation is distressing nevertheless.

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