(Photos By Julia Ewan -- The Washington Post)
Wednesday, July 26, 2006


· This small and mighty chocolate fix, Sweetriot chocolate-covered cacao nibs -- more potent than a candy bar -- is geared to the adult palate. Even the tin, which looks like a cross between an iPod Shuffle and a Band-Aid box, is carefully crafted with artist's graphics. Choose your intensity -- 50, 65 or 70 -- referring to the cocoa content of the chocolate coating. Fair trade, kosher, dairy-free and, at 140 calories a tin, guilt-free, too. $4.99, 1-ounce tin. (Balducci's, 10323 Old Georgetown Rd., Bethesda, in the Wildwood Shopping Center; ).

· Do you know where those cubes have been? Ice Rocks secured spring water ice cubes are natural spring water ready to be frozen into cubes. With packaging more suited to a Scotch bottle, this seems meant for the high-end market -- resorts, cruises, airlines and liquor stores. More surprising is the partnership with the Canadian Red Cross to provide it to disaster areas where hygiene can be an issue. And they said bottled water would never sell. The American launch is planned for Oct. 1. http:// .

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