Home Sales

Thursday, July 27, 2006; GZ11

These home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visithttp://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Aspen Hill Area

BESTOR DR., 4400-Lawrence W. and M.K. Bowe to Karen L. and Jeffrey A. Dahn, $473,000.

EVANSTON ST., 12807-Patricia A. McClean to Maria and Rudy H. Yuman, $381,000.

GRACE MAX ST., 12622-Nelida D. and James Pontachack to Mendez Juan A. Canales, $433,000.

IRIS PL., 4601-Rebhi B. Zarou, trustee, to Nori S. and Oscar R. Iraheta, $347,500.

JUDITH ST., 4402-Maureen and Michael McAbee to Jose A. Torres, $520,000.

PARKLAND DR., 13004-Naris and Phanpilai Intoranat to Daniel Amaya Quintero, $454,500.

TALLAHASSEE AVE., 4607-C.T. and Hugh W. Woods to Alwin M. Castro, $459,900.

TERRAWOOD CT., 3801-Ana M. Carretero to Maria T. Arismendy and Jorge A. Trejo, $1 million.

Bethesda Area

ALDERSHOT DR., 9224-Michael H. and Gail L. Baer to Helen H. and Robert J. George, $1.36 million.

BRIXTON LANE, 9710-ACJ Properties Corp. to Carlos A. and Veronique Scandiffio, $776,850.

CHESHIRE TERR., 10306-John M. Toohey to Peter Kim, $665,000.

EWING DR., 8513-Norman J. Graham Yooll to Terry L. Sugar and Michael Zoslow, $1.45 million.

HAMILTON SPRING CT., 8221-Betty L. Dunegan to Carolyn F. and Stefan F. Lubuglio, $771,000.

HEMPSTEAD AVE., 8629-Robert J. and P.C. Martens, trustees, to Mika Marumoto and Kurt Tong, $775,000.

HOLIDAY TERR., 7710-Josephine E. Maxwell to Hemingway Homes Bethesda Corp., $730,000.

PEPPERELL DR., 7508-Ling Lin to Jui Y. Li, $1.09 million.

PERSIMMON TREE RD., 6718-William Brown to Dava Singh, $650,000.

STRATFORD RD., 7808-Aaron L. Schwartz and Lisa C. Smith to Laura H. and Jonathan I. Eskenazi, $915,000.

TERRACE GARDEN WAY, 8607-Bryan K. and Davina L. Cook to Kelly W. Mercer and C. Simon Davidson, $991,000.

WISSIOMING RD., 5124-Anthony Gambino to Lewis S. Bloom, $1.2 million.

WOODHAVEN BLVD., 8317-Paul H. and Miriam G. Levine to Nicole and Daniel E. Levine, $1.14 million.

Boyds Area

BEAR CREEK DR., 14208-Toll Maryland Partnership to Benzhi Yu and Xiaofang Francis Yuan, $900,238.

BEAR CREEK DR., 14214-Toll Maryland Partnership to Carol A. and Scott S. Collins, $804,725.

ENDORA CIR., 18206-Douglas M. and R.S. Sunshine to Poh L. Kok and Honghui Wan, $459,900.

ETHEL ROSE WAY, 12911-Pulte Home Corp. to Maria Jocelyn Ursic De Tejerina and Luis R. Tejerina, $487,400.

NORTHERN DANCER LANE, 18102-Donna and Isaac Chee to Dae Hang Hwang, $700,000.

Brookeville Area

HOLBERTON LANE, 19128-Knudson 1992 Trust to Matthew A. and Kathleen H. Krebs, $520,000.

Burtonsville Area

ATHEY RD., 15410-K.S. and Kevin P. Daly to Michaelyn A. Johnson, $450,000.

BALLINGER TERR., 14225-Aregash Zewolde to Francisca D. Rosales, $359,900.

LEATHERWOOD TERR., 4355-P.K. and Jaswant S. Bal to Miniya Kidane, $355,000.

SADDLE CREEK DR., 14906-Surjeet S. Sandhu to Mian Z. Ahmad, $440,000.

WILDLIFE LANE, 3828-Oladele P. Taiwo to Henriette and Maurice Ketchakeu, $375,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

AVONSHIRE CT., 32-Louis J. Klepitch Jr. to Martin Berman, $288,700.

BRIDGEWATER DR., 13705-William S. and M.A. Padgett to Ellen and Robert Slepitza, $724,500.

CASTLE WAY, 3433, No. 103-28-Wendy Herrera and Rogelio Rosales to Sezarine D. Faye and Lamin Jobe, $335,900.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11406, No. 104-D.B. and Gene A. Barber to Paul Alex Portillo, $153,990.

HERRINGTON MANOR DR., 12349-Amit Masta to Manu Luthra, $400,000.

HOLLYWOOD AVE., 1022-J.R. and Richard J. Burke to Alan R. Stevens, $335,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 12001, No. 306-Mardi M. Marshall to Denise M. Sharpe, $235,000.

Chevy Chase Area

ASPEN ST., 3906-Daniel F. Hogan and Holly Blanchard to Anne B. and Carlyle P. Thorsen, $1.06 million.

LANGDRUM LANE, 4833-Annadel W. Edwards, trustee, to Dina Kallay and Asaf Kahn, $801,607.

PARK AVE. N., 4550, No. T208-Munire M. Bushehri to Russell K. Lee, $600,000.

PARK VIEW RD., 3208-Nieves M. Zaldivar to Michelle O. and Christopher G. Lewis, $799,000.

WOODMONT AVE., 7111, No. 213-Sarika Ila Garg to Debora Brooke, $390,400.

Clarksburg Area

CYPRESS SPRING RD., 12230-Clarksburg Skylark Corp. to Robert J. McNey, $550,571.

FAIR GARDEN LANE, 22136-Toll Maryland Partnership to Tzu Hui Yeh and Tai Hu, $541,809.

MURPHY GROVE TERR., 12805-Alexander M. Keddie to Susan L. Hanshaw, $529,900.

RAINBOW ARCH DR., 23358-Michael Harris-Clarksburg Corp. to Vittorio Felaco, $617,990.

ROBIN SONG DR., 23315-NVR Inc. to Lucille Cepeda, $759,321.

ROBIN SONG DR., 23317-NVR Inc. to Megan and Darren S. Stern, $673,555.

WINGED ELM DR., 23055-John Dalkiewicz to Gerado Portillo Sandoval and Brigida Portillo, $610,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

COLESBERG ST., 1501-H.D. and Ernest C. Ringgold to Laurence M. Laws, $450,000.

FARMCREST WAY, 1456-Hai Thanh Cao to Thushari S. Manukulasuriya and Udith I. Manukulasuriya, $320,000.

OLIVE DR., 801-James L. and B.J. Woodward to Corinne M. and Steven Smith, $624,900.

PEACH ORCHARD RD., 15201-Stephen E. and D.M. Curtin to Katrina and John Emmett Cooley, $399,550.

Damascus Area

BENT ARROW DR., 23207-Clarksburg Village Investments Inc. to Myong R. and Keith Nauman, $911,103.

BRIGADIER PL., 26004-G-Kazia A. Forrest to Scott Forrest, $175,000.

FARMVIEW LANE, 24613-WK I Corp. to Hee Sook and Woon Bong Koh, $1.03 million.

HOWARD CHAPEL DR., 26916-S.A. and Thomas R. Herndon to Frederick J. Plog, $400,000.

MCWHORTER FARM CT., 9605-WK I Corp. to Uma and Satish Sood, $1.3 million.

NICKELBY WAY, 10405-Ronald L. and K.E. Snoots to Cassandra D. and Michael S. Digby, $499,900.

WOODFIELD RD., 25752-Marie F. Woodson to Jose O. Garcia, $314,000.

Derwood Area

AZALEA DR., 18401-Derek E. and L.C. Woods to Debra A. and John W. Wayne III, $912,000.

SHEEHAN CT., 7205-BA Fraley Corp. to Sutera Homgasorn, $585,280.

WEATHERBY DR., 7526-Scott M. and W.B. Bailey to Aleksandr and Riva Bondarenko, $380,000.

Gaithersburg Area

APEX CT., 15-Jose L. Diaz to Henry Fuentes, $350,000.

CACTUS CT., 18069-Donald A. Espeland to Daniel Aquino, $349,500.

CEDAR SPRING ST., 635-NVR Inc. to Jesus B. and Sophia K. Untiveros, $492,950.

CEDAR SPRING ST., 637-NVR Inc. to Ralph M. Prather, $445,599.

CEDAR SPRING ST., 653-NVR Inc. to Harpreet Singh, $410,395.

CENTERWAY RD., 8922-Anthony Baron to Linly Ramlal, $334,900.

DEER PARK RD. W., 482, No. 16D-Elizabeth Coreas to Victor Alejandro Chero, $348,000.

DUVALL LANE, 100, No. 14-102-Manh G. Hoang to Quang Hoang, $205,000.

EDGEWOOD DR., 9301-Charles D. and D.B. Huffman to Flor and Moises Castellon, $590,000.

GIRARD ST., 408, No. 56-Frimpong and Jemima F. Kodua to Evila E. Cabrera and Saul Zelaya, $258,900.

GREY COLT DR., 13809-G. and Nehemiah Chang to Alina Mahmud, $443,000.

HART MEWS, 206-John P. and Constance J. Del Barba to Philip R. Windmueller, $510,000.

HAYSHIRE CT., 16121-Kun Y. Wei to Laura P. and Guillermo J. Medina, $317,500.

HAZELCREST DR., 17929-M. and Aung A. Win to Tak Keung Law, $526,100.

HILLSIDE LAKE TERR., 909, No. 504-Suzanne J. Suraci to Beverly A. and Stuart A. Underwood, $300,000.

IMPULSE LANE, 18802-D.L. and William P. Reindollar to Sasikumar Thangaraj, $569,000.

KERSTEN ST., 413-Jonathan D. and Kathleen M. McDonald to Nancy and Stephen Lohman, $629,926.

LAYTONIA DR., 7708-Timothy and Virginia J. Abbe to Manuel Gonzalez, $357,900.

LEAFCUP RD., 303-Xiong Sheng and Fen Lin to Kenny and Leila Silber, $426,000.

MAIN ST., 415-Michael Boswell to Junqin Shi, $680,000.

MALLORY PL., 18608-Thi N. Trieu to William Cruz, $465,000.

MARKET ST. E., 709-James M. and Barbara A. McLoughlin to Douglas Bruce Woods and Thi Sau Migone, $850,000.

MEADOW FENCE RD. N., 18900-Paul A. and C. Armknecht to Martha J. and Christopher S. Crews, $585,000.

MIDLINE CT., 67-William E. Dowling to Oscar Lopez, $354,900.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL TERR., 18549-Edgar and A.T. Pottker to Sandra D. and Douglas Galdamez, $423,000.

ODEND'HAL AVE., 533-Centex Homes to Srinivasamurthy G. Kasthoori, $496,285.

ODEND'HAL AVE., 537-Centex Homes to Paul Vincent Decastro, $472,935.

ODEND'HAL AVE., 541-Centex Homes to Annie N. and Thong P. Tan, $468,425.

ODEND'HAL AVE., 545-Centex Homes to Rita Joy Moss, $543,710.

ODEND'HAL AVE., 556, No. 556-NVR Inc. to Linda M. and Jeffrey C. Levine, $434,135.

PELICAN AVE., 584-Centex Homes to Christopher L. Noblejas, $457,040.

PINE CONE CT., 19509-Richard J. and C.A. Koulbanis to Karen and Douglas Duberstein, $930,000.

RAVEN AVE., 745-Centex Homes to Xuan Vu and Hoa Dinh, $566,970.

SHEA LANE, 16728-Royce A. and E.C. Watson to Adelaida and Israel Rodriguez, $525,000.

SOUTHERN NIGHT LANE, 1001-Maria Ramirez to Jose H. Trejo Jimenez, $385,000.

STORY DR., 1-Seema and Samuel Rodriguez to Yen Chung Wen, $399,900.

STREAMSIDE DR., 18336, No. 202-Stellar Rosewood Corp. to Eda E. Howard, $277,900.

SUFFOLK TERR., 12104-Allan D. and B.A. Simmons to Colette S. and Kenneth A. Pavelle, $475,000.

SUMMER WALK DR., 742-Marcelo and Grace Y. Olascoaga to Bonnie D. and Elliott T. Shepherd, $590,000.

TEA ROSE DR., 8444-Maria K. and Mark A. Koehler to Jorge Yanes, $475,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 103, No. 201-Magdalena Fabara Nunez to Jessica Bonardi, $329,900.

TURTLE DOVE LANE, 9115-Susan J. Schmitt to Alberta K. Olumese, $360,000.

WEST SIDE DR., 950, No. 20-Sylvia R. Romero to Cristin Y. Cortez Bonilla, $295,000.

WILD BIRD TERR., 13405-Maura and Peter Gost to Mariana T. Acevedo, $764,000.

Germantown Area

BAY LEAF WAY, 18606-Yohannes Admassou to Jose D. Gaitan, $299,900.

BAYBERRY DR., 13222, No. 51-Michael Hardy to Johnny Nguyen, $229,000.

BEACONFIELD TERR., 20334, No. 03-Amelia R. and Raymond D. Bryant to Rebecca Rice, $209,000.

BRIDGER DR., 12919, No. 1811-Betty J. Loeb to Connie Yu, $335,000.

CELEBRATION WAY, 19836-John O. Wall III to Petra Osario and Jose Molina Cuello, $490,500.

CHERRY BEND CT., 25-S. and Michael R. Gibson to Aniefiok Edet Udoumo, $352,000.

CROSS RIDGE DR., 19243-Enrica and Brett M. Shaffer to Sharon L. Marcus, $370,000.

DEMETRIAS WAY, 13369-Cynthia G. Badong to Oscar Ramos, $285,000.

EAGLES ROOST DR., 18506-Wayne Earl to Rene A. Jandres, $330,000.

FOUND STONE RD., 12700, No. 104-Delilah P. Simmons to Helene D. Kukielka, $305,000.

GUNNERS BRANCH RD., 19529, No. 113-Michelle De Giorgi to Jean M. Bartolo, $203,000.

HICKORY FOREST WAY, 21128-Michael V. and Robyn L. Baskot to Marianne M. and Andrew J. Kreiner, $670,000.

HICKORY TREE WAY, 12415, No. 334-Benjamin Mbugua to Jean M. Bartolo, $202,500.

KITCHEN HOUSE WAY, 12832-Elizabeth C. and Bradford A. Stewart to Afiavi Kakaki, $339,900.

MARTINS LANDING DR., 18743-Mary E. Bowers to Michael Dennis Leahy, $369,900.

MCFARLIN DR., 18878-A. Edmund Deluca to Dora A. Argueta and Gerardo Villanueva, $349,900.

MCFARLIN DR., 19009-Clifford T. and S.E. Knoll to Carlos Batres and Mirian Amaya, $385,000.

PANTHERS RIDGE DR., 12003-Nicole Nafi Seck to Gabriel D. Nmah, $415,000.

PAPRIKA CT., 18720-Lovette Andrews to Eric D. Opoku, $267,900.

PINE RIDGE LANE, 18929, No. 10-8-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Veda Woodland and Doro Ba, $288,000.

RAYFIELD DR., 19439, No. 16-Stephanie Payen to Brenda Samuels, $302,500.

REXMORE DR., 12812, No. 18/7-Anton Antipov to Didier S. Castueil, $324,900.

REXMORE DR., 12848, No. 12-Silvia M. and Keith D. Gould to Finda M. Morlai, $375,000.

SAGE WAY, 18627-Ruben Quiroga to Alain M. Moscoso, $275,000.

ST. PETER CT., 12209-K-Bahram Mehrrostami, trustee, to Sandy P. Mora and Nicolas Gomez, $272,500.

SENECA FOREST CIR., 11611-Thomas E. Jr. and R.H. Balbier to Adela and Attiq M. Sultani, $625,000.

SHIPLEY TERR., 20229, No. 3-Ki Suk Chung to Kusum Mainigi, $225,000.

SKY BLUE CT., 7-J.C. and Ruth M. Moye to Robert E. Overberger, $362,900.

SPARKLING WATER DR., 18715, No. 9-303-Ramin Arablouei to Elyssa A. and Robert Darling, $330,000.

SUMMERSONG LANE, 20540-Brian P. Ford Jr. to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $343,000.

THYME CT., 13011-Rafael E. Moran to Mei Ling Lee, $330,000.

TIMBER HOLLOW PL., 12501-Rosa A. Hernandez to Paul F. Laguna, $298,000.

TIMBER HOLLOW PL., 12549-Jeffrey S. Koger to Jessica P. Rodriguez and Guillermo O. Ramirez, $290,000.

WATERBURY WAY, 11418-Parkside at Brandermill Corp. to Natalya Levin, $322,900.

WATERSIDE DR., 20143, No. 86-Deborah Ann Caldo to Margaret Lindeman, $284,900.

WELL HOUSE CT., 13022-Mouri Ferreira to Rita Ferreira, $330,000.

WHITECHURCH CT., 24-Jody L. Powell to Jennifer and Keith Halvorsen, $305,000.

Kensington Area

CLEARBROOK LANE, 4322-Mary B. England, trustee, to Michael D. and Anne H. Delp, $617,663.

JENNINGS RD., 2722-Dario W. Lanzano to David Hill, $349,000.

JENNINGS RD., 3103-James W. Henson to Leslie Pelaez, $310,000.

LITTLEDALE RD., 3604-Barbara A. Coulon, trustee, to Gabriel R. Coulon Jr., $625,000.

MADISON ST., 11018-Albert T. Heyser to Faouzi and Beya Ghariani, $415,000.

RAYMOOR RD., 3558-Ronald E. and M.J. Abramson to Deborah and William Grant, $1.08 million.

Laytonsville Area

DELTA DR., 20725-Robert J. Kalchik, trustee, to Agnes Y. Jones Trower and Ronald Trower, $849,900.

GOSHEN RD., 21021-Dinesh K. Sivagnanam to Ramanathan K. Illango, $767,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BRASSIE PL., 19524, No. 13E-Isis C. Figueredo to Luz A. Moreno De Arango and Jesus A. Arango, $320,000.

CHADBURN PL., 9200-Chester Hardy Jr. to Akintunde A. Ola, $270,000.

CHADBURN PL., 9219-Tanya S. Smith to Rocio Isabel Benavides, $175,000.

COVE LEDGE CT., 10241-Keysha V. and Daniel K. Gamor to Bridget Bisong, $300,000.

DUFFER WAY, 9600-Dale A. and T.L. Ammann to Anna and Pedro Ramirez, $416,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9916-S.H. and Doug Thomas to Jose P. Romero, $280,000.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY CT., 5-Aparna and Aman Baveja to Alberta Olumese, $356,900.

ISLANDSIDE DR., 9814-H.W. and Willam M. Pastis to Monica Atkins, $350,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10016-Joan P. McGuire to Mukesh Sehgal, $237,000.

ROYAL WOODS CT., 10354-Winfred K. Adoble to Alberta N. Assie, $355,000.

SPUR HILL DR., 20023-Mia R. Canada to Maria R.M. Ruiz, $324,900.

WALKER HOUSE RD., 9806, No. 4-Oanh K. Vo to Fitzroy Goulbourne, $212,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18609, No. 2-Luis C. Abt to Marcia Kemp, $230,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18735-Ella and David Azhdam to Freddy Ross, $370,000.

WILD APPLE CIR., 10254-Ricardo J. and N.S. Puig to Zhanna Finkelshteyn and Alexander Finkelshteyn, $365,000.

New Hampshire Estates- Hillandale Area

PINEY BRANCH RD., 8830, No. 104-Jossue Argueta to Aida Karen Elegbede, $232,000.

TAHONA DR., 8408-Jack and C.M. Lee to Glandis X. and Jose A. Melendez, $315,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

BEL PRE RD., 3752, No. 11-Teri Lynn and Thomas L. Sharman Jr. to Christopher McDonald, $184,997.

BEL PRE RD., 3850, No. 7-171-Gloria C. James to Stacy and Peter Timko, $187,600.

BEL PRE RD., 3910, No. 1-Jorge A. Trejo to Sulaiman Daroni, $235,000.

BIRCHTREE LANE, 3225-Howard M. and Z.M. Berman to Juan and Jennifer Duran, $580,000.

CAMELLIA DR., 12805-M. Patricia McShane to Jennifer L. and Robert L. Fullmer, $440,000.

CHESTER MILL TERR., 16110-Wesley and J. Bishop to Roy and Nancy M. Delacruz, $539,900.

CHESTERWOOD DR., 3854-Ridgewood I Townhomes Corp. to Richard W. Kollmar, $370,000.

DULWICH DR., 3702, No. 42-A.M. and Stewart P. Crum to Hutton R. Glasco, $340,000.

ESTELLE RD., 12908-Juana Zeballos to Mercedes Fernandez, $395,000.

FAIRLY ST., 3706-Hanskumarie and Balwant Singh to Saul Lopez, $444,900.

FARTHING DR., 3507-Sidney E. and Sheryl A. Menkis to Adely Alvarenga Chicas and Santos Gilberto Alvarenga, $430,000.

GLEN EAGLES DR., 3252, No. 104-C-Carroll J. and J.K. Giuliani to Bernice Stein Fabbrini and Christopher M. Fabbrini, $254,200.

HOLDRIDGE RD., 12807-First Call General Partnership to Lucia Villegas, $440,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15101, No. 1-1014-Evelyn K. Jett, trustee, to Mary Ann Genecki, $445,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15115-John E. Ralston to Peter Woolfolk, $185,000.

LONDON BRIDGE CT., 8-Celia M. Martins to Yalem Asheber, $300,000.

NORBECK RD., 2212-Jon Alan Shelton Sr., trustee, to Alliance Norbeck Corp., $825,000.

NORDEN DR., 13406-Raymond B. and L.P. Kennedy to Nola and Jonathan L. Bingham, $520,000.

NORMANDY SQUARE PL., 2403, No. 12-Garifallia Mourtoupalas to Rosa N. and Fernando Monroy, $257,500.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 14106, No. 5-6-Josephine and Joseph Owino to Eliud Kagya, $287,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 13110-Joaquin Aristides Barahona to Anabel Guirola Moran, $482,000.

WILCOX CT., 6-Mokshdatt N. Dat to Priyanganie and Sudampe Ratnasiri, $350,000.

WIMBLEDON CIR., 2209-Pa Ali Keita to Annette Cuyler, $415,000.

Olney Area

DENHIGH CIR., 18509-Tracey L. and Michael E. Cullen to LandAmerica OneStop Inc., $825,000.

HEADWATERS DR., 18174-Joseph M. and A.A. Tavano to Ibeth C. and Juan F. Contreras, $525,000.

LITTLE VISTA TERR., 2521-Daniel and Christine H. Bart to Dorsey A. and Robert Pergolini, $481,000.

SHADOWRIDGE CT., 19-G. and Sidney Law to Tarannum Syed, $370,000.

Potomac Area

BACALL LANE, 12401-Mark H. and Mary A. Ronald to Mandana Fatemi and Mohammad Tabatabi Fatemi, $1.73 million.

CODDLE HARBOR LANE, 7628-Juan A. Astiz to Stephanie S. Bronsky, $550,000.

DUNSTER LANE, 1481-Robert E. and S.L. Savage to Kelly L. and Gary F. Rand II, $670,000.

DURYEA DR., 11405-Navaz R. Bankwalla to Carmen Lloyd, $779,000.

GAINSBOROUGH RD., 11739-Isaac Fogel to Terry and Howard Ross, $1.06 million.

GREENBRIAR PRESERVE LANE, 11201-NVR Inc. to Charles C. Leintu, $2,625,000.

PARTRIDGE RUN LANE, 11620-Lynda M. and Peter F. Francis to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $2.2 million.

PASSION FLOWER LANE, 11304-Greenbriar Investments Corp. to NVR Inc., $676,275.

TUCKERMAN LANE, 8708-Katrine W. Saito, trustee, to Christopher S. Jr. and Tacy P. Roby, $689,500.

Rockville Area

ADAMS ST. N., 233-Antonio P. Disonglo to Wesley N. Valcarcel, $234,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12405, No. 508-Luis F. Garcia to James C. Demar Jr., $257,000.

BREEZEWOOD TERR., 6808-Susan J. Hendrickson to Lisa D. and David P. Cohn, $630,000.

DAPHNEY HOUSE CT., 13603-Debra M. Kolodin to Pamela L. and Darryl J. Shrock, $1.49 million.

DIAMOND COVE TERR., 15308, No. 3F-Mary Jane Frances Smith, trustee, to Karunasri and Ramesh Gattu, $339,950.

DIAMOND COVE TERR., 15313, No. 7-8-Adena S. Bustow to Adriana and Stephen Hall, $325,000.

EMPIRE WAY, 5905-Garry H. Laskin to Nathalie and Eric Jourdanet, $722,000.

EVANS ST., 208-Jaime A. Barberis to Beatriz Supo and Rody Quispe, $649,900.

FOREST AVE., 223-Ali Tabatabai to Yuan Zhang and Hong Wang, $895,000.

GRAYLING LANE, 11414-Allan D. Yeagley to Claudia L. and Rodolfo J. Gomez, $450,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10101, No. 1013-10101 Grosvenor Park Corp. to Mojgan Amirniroumand, $333,900.

GROSVENOR PL., 10101, No. 813-10101 Grosvenor Park Corp. to Abolghassem and Efat Miamee, $315,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10101, No. L14-Marco Troiano to Jonathan E. Taylor, $302,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10401, No. 714-Grosvenor Properties Corp. to Liliana D. Arango, $290,000.

HOLLOWSTONE DR., 11411-Sherman P. and C.L. Fivozinsky to Helen R. and James May, $801,200.

HOWARD AVE., 330-S.B. and Carelton L. Humphrey to Barbara Dobrzycka, $360,000.

JAY DR., 109-Jill E. and Howard M. Kaplan to Colleen E. Sandler, $719,900.

LAWSON WAY, 520-Geraldine and Richard Howard to Cynthia L. Smith, $750,000.

MURIEL ST., 627-Thomas A. and A.G. Blackmore to Sarah Friedman and Tal Hagbi, $571,000.

NEW MARK ESPLANADE, 230-Subind Shetty to Varalakshmi and Chenguttai Dheenan, $340,000.

NINA PL., 401-David P. and Stacey C. Shapiro to Kaltoum A. Maroufi Colle and Ronald Colle, $593,000.

REDGATE FARMS CT., 1705-Kevin M. Byrne to Candice L. McDonald, $380,000.

RITCHFIELD CT., 9-Robert F. Jr. and Debra Browning to Gregory P. Malling and Ronne A. Ostby, $520,000.

ROLLING HOUSE RD., 11407-Henry C. and J.T. Scruggs to Meredith and Andrew B. Lee, $830,000.

TREEMONT WAY, 305-Charles Gavaletz to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $820,000.

WINDERMERE CIR., 6341-Eugene J. Gallagher to Stephanie N. Coppula and Timothy M. Finn, $930,000.

WINDING ROSE DR., 102-Richard M. Dallaire to Soyeong Yim and Thomas S. Kim, $676,500.

Sandy Spring Area

AUBURN VILLAGE DR., 17617-Winchester Homes Inc. to Mark W. Stevenson, $963,375.

WINDRUSH LANE, 1016, No. 25-Matthew Turpin to Isabel Einzig, $375,000.

Silver Spring Area

ASHFORD RD., 527-Ralph S. and A.E. Judd to Isabel Ruiz Ellen and Jonathan Ellen, $475,000.

BRADFORD RD., 8708, No. 301-8708 Bradford Road Corp. to Johm F. Schloman, $295,900.

EASTERN AVE., 7915, No. 1211-WW Silver Spring Corp. to Stan Udhiri, $327,300.

EASTERN AVE., 7915, No. 712-WW Silver Spring Corp. to Angelarose M. Dunn, $322,200.

EASTERN AVE., 7915, No. 907-WW Silver Spring Corp. to Andrea Kassim, $257,200.

EASTERN AVE., 7915, No. 911-WW Silver Spring Corp. to Lisa Harper, $319,595.

FENTON ST., 8324-A-MAB Corp. to Dominique B. Smith, $493,600.

FOREST GLEN RD., 2204-Helen D. Auxier to Poorvi B. and Shyam M. Parkhie, $490,000.

LEIGHTON AVE., 514-Harriet B. Dekona to Larry E. Hinman, $410,000.

NEWELL ST., 8045, No. 217-8045 Newell Street Corp. to Demetres Williams, $360,725.

NOYES DR., 1239-George A. Patterson III to Stephen P. Luginbill, $575,000.

Takoma Park Area

CARROLL AVE., 7723-Sandra Banaszak to David Perruzza, $421,000.

CARROLL AVE., 8013-J.K.H. and Willie R. Booker to Scott A. Borden, $452,500.

GRANT AVE., 119-Hurley E. and C.V. King to Renita and Earl Genous, $400,000.

JACKSON AVE., 912-Lyudmila A. and Anatoliy G. Klimenko to Maria E. Reyes, $578,500.

TULIP AVE., 407, No. 304-Cheryl D. Little to Lauren R. Taylor, $320,630.

Twinbrook Area

MEADOW HALL DR., 524, No. B524-Kabaka Group Corp. to Alexis and Jason Bernhard, $458,250.

RIDGEWAY AVE., 5707-Samuel T. Waters, trustee, to Glenwood Johnson, $325,000.

ROCKLAND AVE., 1916-Zinaida Kotchadze to Jonathan Goldsmith, trustee, $400,000.

STILLWELL RD., 5701-Barbara Doughty Beverly to Evelyne Damani, $365,000.

WADE AVE., 903-M.E. and Jorge Ceja to Ismael Flores, $389,900.

WOODBURN RD., 402-Bryant Benitez to Luis A. Orellana, $425,000.

Wheaton Area

BELGRADE CT. N., 722-Anthony W. Walker Jr., trustee, to Yuri A. Vladez, $466,500.

BELGRADE RD. N., 709-Tuan A. Nguyen to Adelina Santos, $460,000.

CREST RD., 1517-Valentino Deguzman to Jose Escobar, $450,000.

DARROW ST., 2412-Daniel J. Stay II to Wade and Emily Caron, $400,000.

GARDINER AVE., 9914-Fernand and F. Coulon to Leah and Scott Shepherd, $457,000.

KING GEORGE DR., 11347, No. 11-Laranee Dole to Jeffrey A. Lowery, $436,000.

LAFAYETTE DR., 11918-Mario Rodriguez to Roger R. Mendez Veizaga and Karla Panozo, $460,000.

LOVEJOY ST., 11728-National Residential Nominee to Christa Hojlo, $476,250.

MAPLEVIEW DR., 11442-L.C. and Jose A. Delao to Jose Medrano, $432,000.

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