Rocket Slams Into Israeli Detergent Plant

The Associated Press
Thursday, July 27, 2006; 10:32 AM

KIRYAT SHEMONA, Israel -- A Hezbollah rocket slammed into a laundry detergent plant in Kiryat Shemona on Thursday, setting a warehouse on fire, Israeli security officials said. Farej Fares, a local police commander in the northern town, said no one was in the building when it was hit, and that there was no threat of toxic materials being released into the air.

The warehouse belonging to Galim Chemicals, which make laundry detergent, sustained a direct hit. Huge flames and smoke billowed from the building and at least six fire trucks rushed to the scene.

During Israel's 15-day offensive in Lebanon, Hezbollah has fired more than 1,400 rockets into Israel, including 48 that fell Thursday.

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