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The Few, the Proud, the Culturally Sensitive

Bad study, Broadcasting Board of Governors spokesman Larry Hart responded: "The self-selected sample is too small, nearly half [were] Palestinian and some of them . . . never saw or heard our broadcasts."

Al-Hurra, with a budget of $73 million this year, and Sawa, budget $23 million, are asking for an additional $10 million for fiscal 2007. Can't hurt that much more.

A Civil Civil War?

President Bush ordered more troops to Baghdad last week to help control what is not a civil war. Some people may say there is a civil war there, but, as White House press secretary Tony Snow told reporters, it's not one because parts of the country are quiet.

Compare that with our civil war, which, as we recall, was not decided until the North won the horrific Battle of Worcester (Mass.) and the Southern navy was destroyed a month later at the famous Battle of Ludington (Mich.).

You're Not Yourself Today

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), at the White House this spring for a meeting with other senators to discuss immigration with President Bush, was surprised when Bush approached him as the meeting broke up and observed: "Senator Martinez, you've been very quiet."

"That's Martinez," Menendez said, pointing to Mel Martinez -- Florida's junior senator and Bush's former secretary of housing and urban development.

"I'm Menendez."

Bush turned bright red, we're told. Señor Mayor?

The White House could not confirm the comment.

Stepping Away From the Lectern

Michael Gerson , longtime Bush presidential speechwriter and adviser, joins the Council on Foreign Relations today as a senior fellow. He plans to write a book on the future of conservatism.

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