Anti-Evolution Incumbent in Kansas Wins

Associated Press
Wednesday, August 2, 2006; A16

TOPEKA, Kan., Aug. 1 -- . A member of the state Board of Education who approved new classroom standards that call evolution into question held onto his seat Tuesday, turning back a challenge from two defenders of Darwin.

John Bacon won his primary with 49 percent of the vote. Two pro-evolution challengers split the remaining vote, including one who had been a leading critic of the anti-evolution standard.

Five of the 10 seats on the board were up for election in the primary, the latest skirmish in a seesawing battle between faith and science that has opened Kansas up to international ridicule.

The seats of three conservative Republicans who oppose evolution were up for grabs, along with that of a Democrat who favors evolution. Another seat was vacant because a conservative Republican evolution opponent is retiring.

Janet Waugh, a Kansas City Democrat who opposed the new standards, got 65 percent of the vote in defeating a more conservative Democrat who favored the anti-evolution language.

A pro-evolution Republican was leading in the race to fill the vacant seat.

In the remaining race, anti-evolution conservative incumbent Connie Morris (R) was losing to a pro-evolution candidate.

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