Hezbollah Rocket Reaches Farthest Point

The Associated Press
Wednesday, August 2, 2006; 7:14 AM

BOURJ AL-MULOUK, Lebanon -- Hezbollah guerrillas said they struck deeper into Israel than ever Wednesday, landing a Khaibar-1 rocket near the town of Beit Shean. Israel, which claims the rocket is Iranian-made, confirmed the hit and said at least seven people were wounded.

Beit Shean is about 42 miles south of the Lebanese border.

Witnesses in Israel also reported that a Hezbollah rocket hit the West Bank for the first time, striking between the villages of Fakua and Jalboun, near Beit Shean. That strike caused no injuries.

Israel medics said the attack on Beit Shean was one of at least 84 rockets that were fired by Hezbollah at towns across northern Israel. Lebanese security officials said Hezbollah had fired more than 300 rockets since dawn Wednesday.

The discrepancy in the number of launches could not immediately be reconciled.

An Associated Press reporter standing on a hilltop overlooking the Lebanese border, saw an outgoing barrage of about two dozen rockets fly overhead at midmorning.

They were fired from a region in southeastern Lebanon that was the scene of heavy ground fighting and artillery shelling in the past two days.

Plumes of black smoke rose from the hills and the thud of Israeli artillery was constant. Shells were falling about once every two minutes.

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