Jackie Chan Wants to Be Role Model

The Associated Press
Friday, August 4, 2006; 8:01 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- Comedy action star Jackie Chan said Friday he does not want to promote violence and sex in his movies because he wants to continue serving as a role model for children.

"I have a lot of action but no violence. I have a lot of comedy but it's not dirty comedy," the kung fu star told reporters during a one-day visit to Manila, where he signed a franchise agreement for his coffee shop chain _ Jackie Chan's Java Coffee.

He also said he doesn't want profanity in his dialogue, and had to persuade his "Rush Hour" director to remove them from the script.

"I never say (the) 'F' word," said Chan, a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. "I have to be very careful because I'm a role mode for many young children."

A statement issued by Chan's group said his company was in discussion with investors to set up coffee shops in Singapore, Hong Kong and China, with Manila holding the first franchise.

"I feel that there are a few things in the world without cultural barriers. My movies is one of them, songs ... another one is coffee. Coffee is a language in itself," he said.

Chan said a portion of profits from his businesses _ a clothing label, fitness clubs, restaurants and a line of cookies _ go to charity.

As a poor boy attending the Beijing Opera School, he recalled receiving food, clothes and other gifts from the Red Cross and a priest, who asked him to help less fortunate children when he grew up.

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