LIFE IS SHORT | Autobiography as Haiku

LIFE IS SHORT | Autobiography as Haiku

Sunday, August 6, 2006

(Rebecca D'Angelo - For The Washington Post)
As a long-haired college student in the early '70s, I promised myself I'd never take a job where I had to wear a suit and tie every day. I recalled this pledge wistfully years later while wearing a suit and tie and jostling with the other commuter lemmings for a spot on the platform at the Foggy Bottom Metro.

Now, I'm retiring from the Foreign Service. I haven't had a haircut since March. Soon I can bid adieu to the suit and tie for good. It's taken me 53 years, but I've finally beaten The System.

Steve Wangsness


He takes the stool next to mine at the diner, cups his chin in his hands, stares down at the Formica and says nothing as the waitress slips the menu between his elbows. He's fifty-something, wears Lands' End, has the Rolex. Then "Puff (The Magic Dragon)" begins to play on the jukebox, and he starts to hum along. In the mirror behind the counter I see him smiling. I understand. He's waiting for the second coming of Jackie Paper. And so am I.

(Rebecca D'Angelo - For The Washington Post)
Ed Moore


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