King for Six Days: Another Legal Eagle Flies the Coop to Celebrate His Birthday in High Fashion

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Thursday, August 10, 2006

What is it with lawyers and their 65th birthdays? David Boies 's celebration in March included two chartered planes and a lavish weekend in Las Vegas. Now C. Allen Foster , one of Washington's top trial lawyers, is marking the milestone with a six-day bash in the Czech Republic.

"Sixty-five is the new 40," Foster said yesterday. "My father always said, 'You're only as old as your current wife.' " (That would be 44-year-old Susan , the third Mrs. Foster.)

The Louisiana-born attorney is renowned for his annual Twelfth Night party, his love of food and wine, and his passion for hunting. Originally, he planned on hosting the birthday party in the Italian town of Siena, but fell in love with Moravia's Castle Zidlochovice , a baroque castle and hunting park, during a pheasant shoot last fall.

He's flying his family and 40 Washington pals over for the festivities, which kick off Saturday. Everyone's staying at the castle; the itinerary includes tours of the Czech countryside, wine tasting, wild boar and mouflon hunts, classic dance instruction and a masked costume ball with everyone dressed in something pre-1816: Foster is going as Louis XVI; his wife is wearing some sort of queenly attire.

"I just thought it would appeal to my friends," said Foster. "It's going to be a total blast."

The price tag for the lavish soiree? Foster declined to say; we're guessing a king's ransom.

To Break Into Bush's Club, You Gotta Break a Sweat

Way to motivate the troops! President Bush inducted a dozen new victims . . . er, members, Tuesday into his "100-Degree Club" -- White House staffers and Secret Service agents who ran three miles in the three-digit Texas heat. White House press secretary Tony Snow was among the runners who panted through Bush's Crawford ranch on the sixth annual jog. The president circled on his bike (his knees are shot, remember?) and shouted, "You can do it! Come on!"

The prize? The coveted 100-Degree Club T-shirt and a photo op with the boss. Talk about sweat equity!

Is Suri Really Ready for Her Close-Up?

The much-hyped unveiling of Suri Cruise is (probably, maybe, sorta) coming to a newsstand near you. Yesterday, the New York Post reported that famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz has snapped the celebaby for an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair. Reps for Leibovitz ("We're making no official comment") and the mag ("We just don't comment on future issues") clammed up big-time; Cruise publicist Arnold Robinson told us, "At this time, we cannot comment as to where the photos of Suri might appear." Sounds like non-denial denials to us!


· Comedian-actor Robin Williams has entered treatment for alcoholism, his publicist said yesterday. The 55-year-old Williams was sober for 20 years until he started drinking again and "decided to take proactive measures to deal with this." No other details were provided; Williams is expected to return to work in the fall.

· Prince Charles has yet another cellphone problem. British police arrested three men Tuesday (one a royal correspondent for the tabloid News of the World) in a phone tapping scheme to eavesdrop on the prince's household. The seven-month investigation has centered on illegal retrieval of cellphone voice mails, which are easier to access than live conversations. Royal staffers became suspicious when stories appeared in the newspaper last fall giving detailed information about Prince William that only a handful of insiders knew. Officials believe Charles and Camilla are among those whose messages were illegally monitored, and have not ruled out other royals, politicians and celebrities.

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