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Armed With Iran's Millions, Fighters Turn To Rebuilding

"Better than before and quicker than before," Heidar added.

Both took phone calls. "Everyone in Beirut is coming back. Everyone in the Bekaa Valley is coming back," Amin cried into his phone.

Another friend approached, 55-year-old Ali Shuaib. He had just returned from the Bekaa, where his six children remained.

"The party works correctly," he said. "And the state? We don't know anything about the state."

Down the street, Abdullah Khatoun leaned against a car. Like most in the village, he seemed unfazed by the destruction around him. It had happened before, in the 1982 Israeli invasion, and Khiam was rebuilt. Besides, he said, Nasrallah promised.

He recalled Nasrallah's words as "Honey, honey, honey."

"What he sews, we'll wear."

Special correspondent Alia Ibrahim in Beirut contributed to this report.

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