Mideast War, by the Numbers

By The Associated Press
The Associated Press
Thursday, August 17, 2006; 3:06 PM

-- The following figures for Lebanese and Israeli casualties and damages in the 34-day Israel-Hezbollah war were compiled by The Associated Press mostly from government officials on both sides.

The figures for Lebanon come from the government's Higher Relief Council, which deals with catastrophic events. The exception is the death toll. That figure was compiled by the AP from police, security officials, civil defense officials, doctors, morgue attendants, the military, Hezbollah and witnesses _ including AP reporters and photographers. The Higher Relief Council figure, which is more than 300 higher, is noted as well.

The figures for Israel were provided by the government and the military.

The difficulty of counting the dead in Lebanon, especially in hilly and isolated areas in the south, has in some cases caused initial casualty estimates to be lowered. Lebanese officials also continue to search for additional bodies in the rubble.



_ Deaths: 845 total _ 743 civilians, 34 soldiers and 68 Hezbollah. Israel says it killed about 530 guerrillas. The Higher Relief Council put the overall death toll at 1,181 and said one-third were children and the majority were civilians.

_ Wounded: 4,051.

_ Number of buildings destroyed: More than 15,000 homes _ houses or individual apartments within buildings. About 900 commercial structures, including farms and factories.

_ Number of strikes: Lebanese officials reported, unofficially, more than 4,500 Israeli bombing raids on Lebanon. Israel would provide no figures of the number of its strikes in Lebanon.

_ Number of displaced people: 916,000, or about one-fourth of the population.

_ There were no school days lost because they were not in session.

_ Figures on business days lost were not available, but up to 75 percent of the people were unemployed or unable to work because of fighting or gasoline shortages.

_ Tourism: Hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue and repairs to facilities, but no specific figure available.

_ Damage to transportation system: 400 miles of roads; 80 bridges; the international airport.

_ Overall damage: At least $3.5 billion to infrastructure; $9.4 billion overall, including clean up of a major oil spill from an Israeli strike on a storage facility at a Beirut power plant.

_ Access to water and electricity was severely interrupted. About $180 million in damage to the electricity grid; $70 million to the water treatment and delivery system.



_ Deaths: 157 total _ 118 soldiers and 39 civilians.

_ Wounded: 860.

_ Number of buildings destroyed: no official figures, but tax authorities report more than 6,000 claims for damaged buildings and more are expected as displaced people return home.

_ Number of strikes: 3970 Hezbollah rockets, 901 of them inside cities.

_ Number of displaced people: 300,000.

_ There were no school days lost because they were not in session.

_ Many businesses in the north of the country were closed throughout the war. No specific figures were available.

_ Tourism: $80 million of lost revenue during the war, many hundreds of millions in projected losses in the future months because of the war.

_ Damage to transportation system: Not immediately available.

_ Overall damage: Media reports say about $3 billion in damages and lost revenue, but do not give a source for that estimate. Israeli Finance Minister Avraham Hirschon could give no precise figure but said it would be "many billions."

_ Access to water and electricity: Isolated water and electricity lines hit; repairs made within 48 hours.

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