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Sunday, September 3, 2006

7:30 p.m. | KAZ SUSHI BISTRO | downtown

Jesse: I got there at 7:30, and three minutes later she got there. I thought, "cute Asian lady." I had checked [her] out on MySpace, so I already had some information.

Soko: He was wearing some not-really-happening reddish shirt. "Oh, he's not my type" -- that was my first impression. He said, "I saw you on MySpace." I don't think that's the first thing you should say on a blind date. It freaks the date out.

Jesse: She was uninterested from the get-go. It seemed as if she was there for the food. She wanted me to say I've never seen an Asian lady eat so much. She said that when you interviewed me I should tell you that.

Soko: I thought I dressed cute. I wore this tube-top dress with green stripes, yellow shoes and a little straw-looking cute bag. There were like millions of things you [could] compliment, which he didn't do. I have never been on a date without any compliments. That's just polite.

Jesse: She directly told me that she was "very shallow," in that for her it was "all about the face." This is at least partially true for most people, but it isn't something that should actually be mentioned.

Soko: I don't remember that much what exactly we talked about because I was really bored. And he makes video games. And I [usually] love all computer geeks, 'cause I'm one of them.

Jesse: She wasn't driving the conversation at all. That was frustrating.

Soko: I [don't] know how he is usually, but he was talking a lot. He was mean to the waitress, and I hate that. I was a waitress at some point in my life. He didn't use "please" even once. He didn't say "thank you."

Jesse: Toward the end, it was getting kind of slow. I ordered Mochi ice cream, which is the most delicious ice cream in the world.

Soko: I was still eating my dinner. So I'm like: "Why are you ordering dessert? I'm still eating my dinner! Do you think you can wait?"

Jesse: She told the waitress not to bring the dessert. Does it matter? Is it a big deal? She still had another order coming.

Soko: No one orders dessert when your date is still eating dinner. That's just manners.

Jesse: She said she comes from a very polite society. I said, "My grandmother said it's not polite to put your elbows on the table."

Soko: I was checking my cellphone a lot. And, of course, he understood. He was like, "You really want to go."

Jesse: We finished up the bill and hugged and said have a nice life. In terms of meeting someone I would want to date, it was a complete failure. I'd give it a 0 [out of a 1-5 rating].

Soko: Zero. That was the worst [date] so far in my life.

Interviews by Yuki Noguchi

>>UPDATE: They're getting married! Not. The two haven't contacted each other again.

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