The Fountain of Youth, Found

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Here's a great idea for older women such as

Nora Ephron ["The Age of Woman," Style, Sept. 7] who are worried about getting old, spend thousands of dollars on their hair and feel bad about their necks:

Join the U.S. Foreign Service, volunteer to go to Afghanistan (I turned 58 while I was there), get assigned to a remote military unit (I was with the British Army), go on long patrols into the Hindu Kush mountains, sleep on the ground for days at a time, eat MREs, freeze in the winter, sweat like a pig in the summer, cover your body armor with a modest jacket and wrap a headscarf over your hair and around that pesky neck.

You'll drop at least 25 pounds, no one will ever see your neck or your hair, and you get to spend your free time with a bunch of soldiers in their twenties and thirties who really don't care what you look like since yours is the only female face they ever see.



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