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For Ex-Postal Service Official, Summer Scandal Heats Up

The IG says: "Jaffer drinks to excess at official Postal Service functions and has done so to the point of unconsciousness on at least two occasions. . . . [Name redacted] . . . recalled going to dinner with Jaffer and others at a restaurant in New York City. . . . Halfway through dinner, Jaffer fell forward, almost hitting his head on his plate, apparently losing consciousness. [Name redacted] escorted Jaffer back to his hotel room."

Sidley Austin says: "The OIG alleges that Mr. Jaffer . . . was refused boarding on flights due to intoxication and that he left his shoes in a hotel lounge due to intoxication. . . . None of these allegations are true. Mr. Jaffer freely acknowledges that he has consumed alcohol at many different Postal Service events and business dinners. However, he has never consumed alcohol to the point of incapacitation or incoherence. . . . Postal Service employees who have worked with Mr. Jaffer . . . have never seen Mr. Jaffer lose consciousness or be carried to his room because he was intoxicated."

The IG says: "[Name redacted] stated that one evening in 2000 while attending the National Postal Forum held in Nashville, Tennessee, Jaffer offered to escort her to her hotel room. She did not realize how intoxicated he was when she accepted his offer. The manager stated that he followed her into her room, tried to touch her, and propositioned her. She could not convince him to leave her room, and Jaffer finally fell asleep on the floor. . . . The next morning Jaffer woke up and immediately left her room. . . . She stated that when Jaffer sees her in the building, he compliments her appearance, tells her he loves her . . ."

Sidley Austin says: "Mr. Jaffer treats female employees of the Postal Service with respect and dignity. . . . Specifically, in 2000 or 2001 at a Postal Forum in Memphis, Tennessee, Mr. Jaffer and [name redacted] shared a brief drink at the hotel bar. . . . He offered to walk her back to her room. . . . When they got to her room, he continued to talk with [name redacted] in her room, and then he eventually fell asleep on the couch. . . . He did not make any explicitly sexual or vulgar remarks to her, nor did he attempt to touch her or make sexual advances toward her."

The IG says: "When asked about the high per-person costs of the meals he hosted at Peking Gourmet Inn, Jaffer stated that they have to be looked at in context. . . . Jaffer stated that, in regard to wine, he considers anything up to $100 a bottle to be "halfway decent and reasonable."

Sidley Austin says: Mr. Jaffer's alcohol purchases were appropriate. . . . His requests for reimbursement were never denied. The Postal Service never cautioned or counseled Mr. Jaffer regarding his alcohol purchases. . . . Mr. Jaffer has acted as someone in his position should -- he has entertained individuals who have benefited or may be in a position to benefit the Postal Service."

Copies of Jaffer's written responses to the Inspector General's report can be found at

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