Mr. Webb Supports Women in Uniform

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Regarding the Sept. 14 front-page story "Va. Senate Race Goes Negative on 1979 Essay":

I served in the Marine Corps Reserve and the Army. I am a veteran of the war in Iraq, where I served for a year as an infantry sergeant. Even though women are excluded from the infantry, I had the honor of serving with them in combat at times. Women are the equal of men in every aspect of military capability.

I have become active in politics because of the war. I have met with James Webb on many occasions and have shared with him my experiences from the battlefields of Iraq. My conversations with Mr. Webb lead me to believe wholeheartedly that he appreciates the courage, honor and dedication of every woman serving in the military -- and that he fully supports all military personnel regardless of gender.

We should not judge Mr. Webb based on an article he wrote 27 years ago.


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