A TV News Newbie, but Ready for Her Close-Up

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some people get all the good genes: Pamela Brown , a rookie reporter at NewsChannel8, inherited her looks and broadcasting bug from mom Phyllis George (Miss America 1971, CBS sportscaster) and her political passion from dad John Brown (former governor of Kentucky).

No, she's not a pageant queen -- though her mom hosted an annual Miss America party for her friends. "No, no, no," says Brown. "I'm trying to get away from that." The 22-year-old blonde graduated in May with a journalism degree from UNC-Chapel Hill, where she was a reporter on the university's "Carolina Week"; in summer 2004 she interned for Sen. Hillary Clinton. A family friend suggested Channel 8 would be a good place to launch her career; she started as a general assignment reporter three weeks ago.

Pretty nice for a first job! News veep Bill Lord denied whispers that Brown's pedigree got her the gig. "We do have a number of entry-level positions, but it's unusual for it to be an on-air position," Lord acknowledged. "She had a very good tape. She's very poised on the air. She has a lot of abilities that indicate she's going to be a very strong player."

Said Brown: "I'm here to work hard, and I'm not going to let petty gossip get in the way."

If There's One Thing Millionaires Know, It's the Value of a Dollar

The Rich Get Richer, Part 1 : They were throwing money around -- literally -- at Saturday's final polo match on Great Meadow's field in Fauquier County. At halftime of the U.S. vs. England match (Yanks won, 8-4), about 300 smartly dressed guests -- millionaires, diplomats, socialites -- headed onto the field for the traditional divot stomp, in which patrons replace dislodged clumps of Bermuda grass. No one paid much attention when two guys in a pickup threw T-shirts onto the field, but they perked up when $1,000 in cash began fluttering onto the grass. "They went wild," said Great Meadow Executive Director Leslie VanSant. The swells were busy scrambling for the 700 one-dollar bills when the announcer added that there were three $100 bills in the mix, too. Hey, you can be too thin, but you can never be too rich.

The Rich Get Richer, Part 2: Somehow, two of the three big raffle prizes at Jeffrey and Juleanna Glover Weiss's fundraiser for the Washington Scholarship Fund on Saturday night went unclaimed. No wonder -- who could hear numbers being called over the lively din of media-political-business-elite cocktail chatter? So check your pockets, socialites: Ticket No. 0962043 gets you $750 worth of Gold Cup passes, movie premiere tix and dinner; No. 0962043 is $1,200 worth of yoga classes.


· Willie Nelson , his sister, Bobbie, and three others got misdemeanor citations when Louisiana state police found psychedelic 'shrooms and 1.5 pounds of marijuana on their tour bus yesterday morning. Hmm, wonder what made them look? All were released, pending court dates.

· Phish bassist Mike Gordon debuted his first "experimental" film at the DC Shorts festival Saturday in front of a sold-out audience, a seven-minute animated bit, "Cabin Thing." Alas, the film, about a cabin in the woods magically constructing itself, did not win a prize. Later, he breezed through a festival brunch at Clyde's Sunday and graciously chatted up hyperventilating Phish Heads.

HEY, ISN'T THAT . . . ?

· Likely new mayor Adrian Fenty breakfasting yesterday at the Four Seasons with D.C. Council member Jack Evans , both presumably getting over the fact that Evans supported Linda Cropp . Granola for Fenty, Raisin Bran for Evans.

· Tony Snow flying first-class from Orlando to Reagan National; the WH flack wore both a yellow "Livestrong" wristband and a dark-green one, which he's told reporters was a gift from the family of Flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl to memorialize terror victims.


"The number one concern that I get about rap music is that they can't understand what the hell we're saying. It's like a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo. . . . I make it a point to enunciate every damn word to make sure you understand every word I say."

-- Centreville's own Ludacris, speculating on why he has so many fans over 40, in an interview last week at XM Satellite Radio to air early next month. Also explaining why he lost the braids: "I wasn't going over 30 with cornrows."

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