Unclothed Body of Missing Teen Is Found a Few Blocks From His Home

By Martin Weil and Allan Lengel
Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A District woman who reported her 15-year-old son missing early yesterday later found his body a few blocks from her home, lying askew with obvious wounds and all his clothing gone save for his undershorts.

Gloria Dixon said her son, Dominick A. Dixon, was found about 12:30 p.m. on a construction site a few blocks from their home on Sheriff Road NE, near the Prince George's County border. His head was gashed, and purple marks ran around his wrists as though he had been bound, she said. Similar marks circled his neck, she said. No rope was seen.

Police said last night that they are treating the death as a homicide as they do all cases of undetermined death. They said they are awaiting a report from the medical examiner.

Gloria Dixon said last night that she believed her son had been killed. She said she did not know why. Neighbors described him as a well-bred young man who liked to ride his bike, play basketball and listen to music. He was a good kid, they said, and always polite.

Gloria Dixon said her son's body was spotted by a friend who had been helping in the search. The friend called the police and summoned her. She arrived as the police did at the site on 51st Street NE, near Lee Street and Sheriff Road, in what neighbors described as a relatively quiet, middle-class neighborhood on the city's eastern edge.

Officers tried to keep her from the body, she said, but "wild horses couldn't" keep her away. "I went back there to see my son."

His body was "all twisted . . . mangled," she said. In addition to showing purple streaks, suggesting that something had been knotted around it, his neck was "twisted so it appeared like maybe it was broken," she said.

His feet were together, but his legs were apart, and "his arms were twisted around," she said. He had been stripped, she said, of his clothing, shoes, jeans and T-shirt.

"There was no way he could have been lying like that on his own," she said.

Gloria Dixon said Dominick had attended the Ron Brown Middle School but was transferred to Spingarn Senior High School, where he was to have begun classes yesterday, and he was excited about it.

Dixon said she took her son and a friend of his home from a fast food restaurant Saturday and left for work. She said she is a food service worker at Georgetown University Hospital and recently began a second job.

When she returned home and did not find her son, she thought he might have failed to let her know that he was staying with the friend. When she left for work Sunday morning, she expected he would soon be back. By that night, she said, she knew something was wrong. She was about to go to the police after work Sunday but decided to wait until yesterday and went to the police station at 4 a.m.

After police took a second report on the missing teenager at her home yesterday, she said, she and a friend began a search. Finally, the friend took her home, she said, but he kept looking, in alleys "and in every crease and crevice he could find," and soon found Dominick's body.

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