We Interview: Lemony Snicket

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Unfortunately, next month [Oct 13] Lemony Snicket concludes his bestselling "Series of Unfortunate Events" with unlucky volume 13, The End. Since 1999, despite warnings to look elsewhere, fans have followed the woeful adventures of the three Baudelaire children, who were orphaned by the death of their parents in a house fire. Alone in the world, Klaus, Violet and Sunny have struggled to escape from Count Olaf, a master of disguises who will stop at nothing to steal their inheritance. The sad task of interviewing Mr. Snicket fell to senior editor Ron Charles, who tried but could not get out of it.

So, is this really the end?

I hope not. I would hate to think I'd spent my last moments on Earth speaking to the press.

How could you do this to us?

I would like to know the exact nature of my charges, including any fingerprints you lifted from the thumbtack placed on your chair.

Are we safe from Count Olaf now?

It depends what you mean by "we," "safe," and "Count Olaf."

Could all this misfortune have been avoided if the Baudelaires had had a working smoke detector in their house?

On the contrary, an unemployed smoke detector would have been more handy, as he or she would have likely been lounging around the house all day and perhaps could have been of some assistance.

Why doesn't baby Sunny ever grow older?

Of course she grows older -- she is practically a full-fledged chef, something unusual in an infant but less so in a toddler.

Violet and Klaus never have to go to school -- how unfortunate is that?

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