The Future of Technology

PC World
Monday, October 2, 2006; 11:10 PM

Here's what's next for technology: when the biggest breakthroughs will appear, how they might change the way you work and play, and why the future won't be trouble-free.

From multicore processors and slick new Web services to innovative cell phones and the wonders of nanotechnology, the technological advances to come will be exciting--but some will be challenging, too. We'll outline the ways that new online services and data tracking could threaten your privacy, and we'll describe the hurdles confronting full on-demand, anytime, anywhere entertainment.

We'll also look at the metaverse, the developing field of persistent, three-dimensional virtual worlds that have the potential to profoundly change how we interact with each other, how we do business, and even how we define ourselves.

And just to show that we're not afraid to stick our own necks out, we're offering 100 of our own fearless forecasts for the future.

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