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Air Getting Thinner in Gilbert's Arena

Shortly afterward, Arenas vented his frustration, telling The Washington Post that he was going to exact revenge on Team USA assistant coaches Nate McMillan and Mike D'Antoni by scoring 100 points each on their respective teams, Portland and Phoenix.

On Monday, Arenas apologized _ not a bad idea if he wants to make the Olympic team in two years.

"I said some things, and I vented out against Phoenix and Portland, but those teams actually had nothing to do with anything," Arenas said. "That was wrong of me. I really want to say sorry for it and I want to say sorry to Mike D'Antoni. That was the immature Gilbert two months ago. I'm growing as a person, and I'm ready to be a leader for the Washington Wizards."

Even so, Arenas said the snub means he will be more motivated this year.

"There always someone out there who keeps me going," he said, "and I like it."

Washington teammate Antawn Jamison, who made the U.S. team, was disappointed that Arenas went public after getting cut. Then again, Jamison admitted, the snub will probably help the Wizards.

"Once again, he found a way to have a chip on his shoulder, and its going to be exciting to see what he pulls out of the hat this year," Jamison said.

That wasn't all of the Arenas news Monday. He's on huge new downtown billboard _ "Every kid, every NBA player dreams of having their own billboard up," he said _ and he said he got himself in shape for training camp with a week of boot camp with "a military dude in San Francisco."

The regimen included running up and down the city's steep hills, sometimes on soft sand with 40-pound medicine balls.

"I wanted to cry a couple of times," Arenas said. "While you're doing it, you're like, 'This is murder. This guy is killing me.' As soon as you're down, I was like 'Wow, I feel energized.'"

Just wait until he tries the same workout in his high-altitude house.


AP freelance writer Benjamin Standig contributed to this story.

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