Save & Splurge

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Reed Landry, 26

Founder, social networking site



"Before 4 p.m. I usually eat nothing. Instead, I drink four or five Ensures

[nutritional supplements] and a gallon of milk. This saves a good deal of money, but also time. By sticking to my liquid diet, I get to work through breakfast and lunch."

>>YIELD: $10.50

per week, approximately, since otherwise he'd be hitting places such as Starbucks and Boston Market.


"I splurge on iTunes and Yahoo Music -- ballads and techno remixes, so that we can keep a steady barrage of '80s music blasting at our office 12 hours a day.

Listening to the radio these days doesn't get the job done."

>>cost: $150

per week, roughly, for the iTunes he downloads at $1 per song.

Interview by Julia Feldmeier

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