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Lawmaker's Intentions Appear Clear In Exchanges

"not yet," Foley said, "but likely friday."

In another sequence, Foley suggested that a page meet him at his house a few blocks from the Capitol.

"I could give you a massage here . . . just a block and a half," he wrote. Later in the online conversation, Foley asked, "so you do see us palyin around"?

"sure," the page responded. "weve gone over this before . . . havent we"? "i excuse your memory when you are drinking . . . cause i dont remember much when i drink," the page continues.

Foley then wrote: "I wish i would have jumped you after dinner in san diego, but I was good."

In another particularly lurid conversation, Foley and the teenager engaged in graphic Internet sex, with the boy apparently masturbating as time was running out on a vote the lawmaker had to cast on the House floor.

As the pornographic discussion concluded, the youth said, "ya go vote . . . i dont want to keep you from doing your job."

"can I have a good kiss goodnight"? Foley asked.

":-*," the boy typed.

Often implicit in the chats is an exchange of professional advancement in exchange for sex that plays on the allure of power that Foley used to entice one of the teenagers. Foley at one point promised to help him become the "stylish elite type" person the teenager said he wanted to be.

"We will make you successful," Foley promised, "as long as you don't mind me grabbing your [deleted] once in a while."

Such conversations occurred under the noses of parents who clearly took interest in their children but knew little about their online life.

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