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'The End' of the Baudelaires

-- Paul Fritschner, 9, Springfield

"Count Olaf will either die or do his last dreadful deed. I also think one of their parents will be alive, but before Count Olaf dies he will murder them."

-- Corinne Vennitti, 10, Leesburg

"Count Olaf will kill Sunny and Klaus, leaving Violet sad and depressed. Olaf will fortunately be put in jail, but Violet will be too scared to go outside, fearing everything. She'll know that even though Olaf is in jail, he won in the end."

-- Marie G. Sterba, 10, Waldorf

"Lemony Snicket will surprise us and come out with two number-13 books. The one coming out in October is just a trick. It will just delve deeper into the plot and end with 'The end, but not forever.' And then another book will come out called "Thirteen (Again!). . . . In the real last book, the Baudelaire orphans will wake up and find themselves at Count Olaf's house again!"

-- Jessica Hoy, 12, Charlottesville

"In happier tales, one might expect that the Baudelaire orphans would find their parents, both still alive, and would no longer be orphans prone to such dreadful things as very fine doilies, parsley soda and gym class. But as these tales are not at all happy, nothing of the sort will happen."

-- David Ruth, 11, Baltimore

"Olaf and the orphans travel to a remote island and miraculously find the orphans' parents. The Count tricks them into letting him have their money in exchange for their children. But then he kills the parents anyway and escapes in a boat, leaving the murder weapons behind. Soon some fishermen arrive, see the dramatic scene and assume that the orphans killed their parents. The children are sent to jail and live miserably ever after."

-- Alexander Kopenhaver, 12, Arlington

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