Local Actress Checks Into 'ER' Tonight

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Thursday, October 12, 2006

Doctor in the house! Her parents are both Washington lawyers, but Malaya Rivera Drew plays a surgical intern on her "ER" debut tonight. "I'm sure they would love it if I played a lawyer -- as long as it's not a corporate lawyer," Drew said yesterday. "They're good lefties."

The actress grew up in Mount Pleasant and went to Eaton, Deal and Wilson schools before leaving D.C. to pursue acting. After drama school in London, she moved to Los Angeles and had small roles on "CSI" and "Entourage" before landing the recurring role of Katey, a cute intern who tangles with bad boy doc Ray Barnett ( Shane West ). Good timing -- the NBC medical drama, now in its 13th season, is handily beating its rookie competition.

She's already gone all Hollywood on us: Drew refused to say how old she is. "That's the number one rule: Never tell the press your real age." Don't know if she was already operating by that rule back in 1993, when, according to Post archives, she told one of our colleagues she was 15 . . .

· Doris McMillon isn't an anchorwoman anymore -- but she plays one on TV.

A broadcaster with WJLA and BET through the 1980s, McMillon gave up the news biz to try acting. She's scored small roles in many of the productions that have come to town over the years -- "In the Line of Fire," "Head of State," episodes of "NCIS" and "The West Wing" -- always playing a TV reporter or talk-show host. "Do you think it's typecasting?" she wondered.

This week she popped up on HBO's "The Wire," as the anchor glimpsed on a TV set announcing a breaking scandal in the Baltimore Police Department. McMillon, who also runs a media-training firm, said people often tell her they just watched her on the news. "They think I'm still there."

Another Taste of Motherhood for Madonna?

First Material Girl, then English Rose, then Esther -- and now she's Humanitarian Madonna. For her next 15 minutes of fame, the pop singer is in Malawi, where she's adopting a baby boy. Or not.

In August, Madge announced she was donating $3 million to build an orphanage and spiritual center for children in the southern African country. She arrived last week in Malawi, where a government official said she had selected a 1-year-old boy to adopt. Her rep, Liz Rosenberg , immediately denied the report as "completely inaccurate" and added, "She's kind of adopting an entire country of children."

But wait . . . now the village chief and a Malawi man have told London tabs that a "famous U.S. musician" has adopted his son, whom he put up for adoption after his wife died. Madonna has been photographed carrying the child around, and her rep now is "unable to give official confirmation" but hinted at an official statement in the next two days.


· Hillary Clinton has a new roomie in Washington: Her mother, 87-year-old Dorothy Rodham . In an appearance Tuesday on Long Island, Clinton revealed that her mom moved into the family home on Whitehaven Street in the spring.

· Diamonds are an ex's best friend: Actress Ellen Barkin unloaded her fabulous jewels acquired during her six-year marriage to billionaire Ron Perelman , collecting a cool $20 million at auction Tuesday -- the highest single-owner jewelry sale in 15 years. A 22-carat diamond ring went for $1.8 million; Barkin's wedding band with four rows of diamonds went for $130,000.


"These are scary times. Kim Jong Il is a hard-drinking, strange-looking 63-year-old former playboy with socialist tendencies who could go nuclear at any moment. Oh my God, I just described my husband!"

-- Mary Matalin, at the Quill Book Awards in NYC Tuesday night.

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