Saturday, October 14, 2006

Looks like DMX isn't working overtime to win over fans in the Washington area.

The embattled rapper, 35, skipped out at the last minute on a concert he was to headline at the 9:30 club Thursday night. Concert organizers say they were given a heads up that the artist planned to be a no-show just a few hours before he was scheduled to take the stage.

Apparently DMX (real name Earl Simmons) is no stranger to last-minute cancellations, but a 9:30 publicist says the club was caught off-guard. The show was canceled (with fans already inside the building) and tickets were refunded. DMX also abruptly bailed on a show scheduled for tonight in Baltimore, organizers said.

DMX's manager, Trisha Lum, said yesterday via e-mail that the D.C. concert was canceled by its promoter "a few days" before the show and added that they're hoping it will be rescheduled soon. No word on whether the change-up is related to a lawsuit filed against DMX on Thursday morning in Prince George's County. A Maryland woman is suing the rapper as a result of his claim in a Sister 2 Sister interview that she had raped him in his sleep. Monique Wayne , 25, has a son with the married rapper and is asking for $6 million for defamation, false statements and "unreasonable publicity."

Babs Sends Her Best

Who knew a little letter would go so far?

Annapolis resident Scott Clarke got the surprise of a lifetime Thursday when a member of Barbra Streisand 's camp called. Turns out, Babs had two VIP tickets to last night's show at Verizon Center waiting at her hotel for the greeting-card designer and his 9-year-old daughter, Destini .

"I thought it was a joke," Clarke, 41, told us yesterday.

Clarke penned a letter three months ago to the diva, saying that he was "saddened" that ticket prices were so high that only the wealthy could afford to attend her shows (tickets range from $100 to $750). He only wanted to show his daughter that Britney Spears and rap music weren't everything, he explained.

Apparently Streisand got the message -- and passed on a little goodwill. "It's so wonderful for her to acknowledge a simple letter that I wrote," said Clarke, who spent yesterday shopping with Destini for an appropriate concert outfit.

A Hometown Hottie

Local guy Tyler Johnson is getting a lot of attention from teens these days -- with a little help from a heartthrob feature in Seventeen magazine.

The young Ashton Kutcher look-alike was named one of the "Seventeen Hottest Guys in America" by the monthly mag, along with the likes of R&B singer Chris Brown and singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger . Not bad for a 20-year-old model from Gaithersburg.

"The response has been amazing," Johnson told us yesterday of his pinup feature. "It's opening doors in modeling and acting."

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