A (Working) Cure for the Trolley Blues

By Robert Thompson
Sunday, October 15, 2006

D ear Dr. Gridlock:

Let me describe my symptoms: The re-emergence of H Street NE has been heralded, trumpeted as the next "In Spot" in our growing city. Great! I have recently become involved with one of the new businesses on the street, a tavern called The Pug.

However, lack of public transportation could make things a tad more difficult as we get off the ground -- particularly in light of the area's transitional nature. (I am a native of Southeast Washington and have lived on the Hill as a homeowner since '91.)

Potential here for some major heartburn! Almost magically, an article in your Washington Post [in the spring] spoke of the imminent construction of a new trolley on H Street -- planned, designed and funded -- with construction to begin in late August or early September.

I have fond memories of riding the trolley with my grandpa from Barney Circle. And yet, here it is October and no signs of a trolley . . . my intestinal distress is returning and the D.C. government can provide no medicine.

So, Dr. G., I turn to you to provide me with the timeline for my cure. Just what is up with the H Street trolley?

Jim Atkocius


It's going to take a while to work on this cure. The H Street corridor in Northeast Washington is indeed a happening place with new restaurants and nightspots, and the District government recognizes that. But you'll probably see the trolley tracks a good while before you see the trolley.

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