In the Daily Crisscross, an Adventure

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's the question everyone in this area asks and is asked: How long is your commute? Does anyone ever ask how you enjoy your commute? No, of course not. That's like asking whether you had a fun root canal. Well, here's the rare someone who seems to get a kick out of commuting.

At the Kirby's breakfast counter in downtown Baltimore, some patrons would talk about the weather, some about politics, and some of us would smugly swap advice on different bus lines.

"You take the 4:35 3? The 3 is always running late. You should try the 4:32 5. The 5 is on time."

"Don't take the 5. Not unless you want to risk your life. Take the 8 to Calvert Street, then transfer to the 61."

"My secret is to jump on the 31, shoot down Pratt Street and catch the 11 right out front of the terminal."

But no one trades bus talk in Washington.

Every now and then I try and get into it with one of my patients, but they never bite.

"You took the bus here? Which one was that?"

"The 70."

"What about the S1 down 16th Street?"

"I take the 70."

"How about taking the Red Line to Takoma and getting on the K1?"

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