Podcast: Mount Vernon's New Museum

washingtonpost.com Staff
Wednesday, October 25, 2006; 12:00 AM

After years of fundraising and building, Mount Vernon finally opened the doors to its new Ford Orientation Center and Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center on Friday, Oct. 27. Gretchen M. Goodell, an assistant curator at Mount Vernon, leads us on a tour of the historic site's new decorative arts museum.

To put the tour on your iPod, follow these instructions:

1. Download MountVernon.Zip to your computer.

2. Unzip the file, using a program like Winzip or StuffIt Expander. The MP3s will appear in a folder called Mount Vernon's New Museum.

3. Drag this folder into your iTunes music library.

4. Create a playlist, and transfer the files onto your iPod.

5. When listening to the podcast on a video iPod, double-click the center button to see a full-size image.

The images of the spur, weather vane, buckle and census are courtesy of Mount Vernon Ladies' Association. The images of the dining room table, oil lamp and pheasant were taken by washingtonpost.com photographer Whitney Shefte. Post photographer Dayna Smith took the other photographs.

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