The Recap

The Recap

Monday, October 30, 2006

Tennessee 28, Houston 22

David Carr's three turnovers helped the Titans overcome a rather ridiculous 427-197 disparity in total yards. They also landed Carr on the bench, where he watched backup Sage Rosenfels nearly bring the Texans all the way back. Oooh, quarterback controversy in Houston! Except that Carr played too well in his previous games to justify a hasty dawning of the Age of Sage. Also, can something be controversial if no one really cares how it turns out?

Green Bay 31, Arizona 14

The Cardinals had the rookie quarterback on the field, but with Brett Favre capping off a rushing touchdown with a Lambeau leap, it looked like the Packers had the spry youngster out there. Of course, one thing that never seems to get old is Arizona's penchant for failure.

Baltimore 35, New Orleans 22

These aren't your father's Saints. Sure, your father's Saints treated their fans to plenty of stink bombs in the Superdome. However, they generally weren't 5-1 and feeding their fans delusions of grandeur going into said stink bombs. Oh, and your father could have played just as good a game -- yesterday -- as supposed phenom Reggie Bush.

Chicago 41, San Francisco 10

Let's just say this contest did nothing to quell Bay area sports fans' breathless anticipation of the Golden State Warriors' season. Meantime, the Bears joined the Packers and Vikings as the only teams to start 7-0 four times. And lest Lions fans feel left out of the NFC North props-fest, they can say their team gave Chicago its stiffest test at Soldier Field so far -- a 34-7 heartbreaker.

Kansas City 35, Seattle 28

The Chiefs got a massive game from Larry Johnson to help fend off the feisty Seahawks. It also helped that Damon Huard threw for 312 yards with a sore groin. That latter point surely hasn't been overlooked by Joe Gibbs, who, as fate would have it, has been seeking a way to kick-start Mark Brunell.

Jacksonville 13, Philadelphia 6

Speaking of groin injuries, the Jags' Fred Taylor has the rep of being just a play away from rupturing that or some other body part. But he's been healthy and productive this season, and he and Maurice Jones-Drew tore the Eagles apart on the ground, to the tune of 180 combined yards rushing.

Atlanta 29, Cincinnati 27

Look out world, here comes Michael Vick! He's as lethal as ever with his legs, but now he's adding that dimension of using his arm to actually complete passes to receivers. Credit the World Series with teaching Vick the value of making accurate throws.

N.Y. Giants 17, Tampa Bay 3

Fantasy owners of Tiki Barber have to be hating Giants' goal-line back Brandon Jacobs, whose one-yard plunge brought his touchdown total to three, while Barber has zero despite 85 more carries. That's three sixes the 264-pounder has taken away from Barbers owners; no wonder they consider Jacobs Satan incarnate.

San Diego 38, St. Louis 24

But at least Barber owners are getting some good yardage from their investment. This was a tough day for those who finished last in their fantasy leagues, then spent all summer thinking about whom to take No. 1 overall in the draft, finally deciding to nab league MVP Shaun Alexander over Larry Johnson and LaDainian Tomlinson. Tomlinson had a huge day, Johnson had a huge day, and they've both been point machines all season while Alexander has given his owners http://bupkis . Not that I know anyone like that, he said through clenched teeth.

Oakland 20, Pittsburgh 13

For one improbable afternoon, the autumn wind was a Raider. Or were the Steelers the Raiders? It certainly appeared Pittsburgh had decided to celebrate Halloween by looking like the Silver and Blecchh, giving away red-zone points like so much candy corn.

Cleveland 20, N.Y. Jets 13

One thing about the actual autumn wind is that it has a way of making green give way to brown. We'll let the Jets' Chad Pennington take the fall for this one, while Reuben Droughns had a season-best outing. But an out-of-bounds call in the final minute ensured New York would feel the pain of losing this game even more than the rest of us rue the loss of daylight savings time.

Indianapolis 34, Denver 31

You had to figure the previously impenetrable Broncos defense would give up some points to Peyton Manning and Co. You also had to figure Adam Vinatieri would make that kick to win it. You were right on both counts.

Dallas 35, Carolina 14

Before the game, Panthers wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, who used to be a Cowboy until they acquired Terrell Owens, had some choice words to say about his replacement: "The player is not better than me. He is going to stay behind me, I don't care what the statistics say. He is behind me from the draft to the world in general, in life as a person, as a man and as a player on the football field." When reached for comment, The Player asserted someone else must also be behind Johnson, because he wasn't the one who kicked his [posterior] outta Dallas.

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