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Home Sales

SCOTCH RUN CT., 13294-Julie J. and Dipak Panigrahi to Douglas Datka and Heather L. Williams, $765,000.

SMETHWICK PL., 14820-Carol A. Jones to Jimmy Xy and Khanh B. Ho, $345,000.

STREAM POND DR., 14608-Juliann Kim to Christine Thompson, $445,000.

WYCOMBE ST., 14738-Carlos D. Damas to Santos Amaya, $325,000.

Chantilly Area

PLACID LAKE CT., 4139-Robyn A. Smalline to James A. and Quintina D. Smith, $264,285.

Clifton Area

CLIFFWOOD CT., 12208-E. Wayne Cadle to Freddy and Monika Valdivia, $762,400.

LITTLE BROOK CT., 6007-Roger Patrick Pinette to Nicholas J. Haynes, $371,000.

MOORE RD., 13321-Ricardo Argueta Diaz to Nazira Urrego, $580,000.

SOUTH SPRINGS CIR., 6302-Richard G. and Barbara S. Simpson to Walter H. and Genevieve M. Zirk, $644,000.

SPRINGSTONE PL., 6209-Boyd C. and Mary R. Bryant to Ernest G. and Therese S. Langdon, $620,000.

Fairfax City Area

AMBERLEY LANE, 3224-Dorothy L. Lichtwardt to Ronald O. Valdiserri, $745,000.

ARISTOTLE DR., 11305, No. 2-206-Fairfax Ridge Development Corp. to Richard A. Babik and Anita J. Patankar, $320,900.

CALAIS POINT CT., 4167-William and Amy Saunders to Michelle M. and Andrew J. Anderson, $560,000.

CHIPPER LANE, 4903-David J. and Brenda J. Linthicum to Randall G. and Laura Carey Miller, $645,000.

CORALBERRY DR., 13105-Linda K. Temple to Mark B. and Jennifer D. Payne, $610,000.

FANLEAF CT., 12520-Todd H. Miller to Christopher S. and Katie E. Custis, $420,000.

GARDEN GROVE CIR., 12112, No. 304-Fairfield Fairchase Partnership to Roger Jaehoon Lee, $309,900.

HERON RIDGE DR., 12660-Colby H. Miller and Stephanie Pilcher to Kook Hyun and Kichae Woo, $577,500.

LAVENDER KEEP CIR., 12782-MHI Rugby Road Corp. to Lung Chang Lee and Hsieh Chien Chuan, $133,248.

LITTLE RIVER TPK., 8933-Wiu W. Kim to Kwang Yong Shin, $655,000.

LUXBERRY DR., 4656-Roberto and Catherine A. Sanchez to Young Kwon Park and Jeong Mi Yoon, $530,000.

MAC TAVISH HEIGHTS, 11403-Italo A. Acha to Michael Joseph Andrews, $425,000.

MAPLE VIEW LANE, 13006-Raymond P. and Candice K. Merkle to Steven D. and Christina D. Lydick, $517,000.

MILLARD WAY, 3803-Renaissance at the Oaks Corp. to Elliot Gordor, $1.76 million.

MONUMENT CT., 4130, No. E-Dong Liang to Afet Suleymanova, $300,000.

MOSS RANCH LANE, 13135-Raymond J. and Toni L. Hall to David P. and Joan M. Duffitt, $487,000.

NOTTINGHILL LANE, 5221-John A. and Suzanne D. Main to Brett and Ann Lougee, $640,000.

OLLEY LANE, 4400-Hanibal Mahdi to Seville Homes Corp., $1.2 million.

PARAMOUNT RD., 3604-George D. and Ramona Brandt to Marc and Sandra Simoncelli, $975,000.

PARKSIDE DR., 11913-Kenneth G. and Victoria N. Carlson to Robert M. and Verna C. Hawk, $810,000.

PORTSMOUTH RD., 5104-Thomas J. and Lorraine H. Grant to Luis J. and Cynthia I. Salazar, $615,000.

ROCHESTER DR., 12501-Christopher W. Piper and C. Keena George to Target Masonry Inc., $610,000.

WARM HEARTH CIR., 4712-John T. Gee and Eve Butler Gee to Joseph and Ana Karina Porto, $539,000.

Fairfax Station Area

ARMETALE LANE, 8279-Jeffrey A. and Cynthia H. Wilgoss to Larry and Daisy L. Doss, $860,000.

BEECHNUT CT., 10626-Charles L. and Paula R. Wilde to Keith and Pilar Christensen, $952,000.

OAK HOLLOW LANE, 7911-Philip R. and Susan S. Devoe to Aaron M. Wiener and Jennifer A. Murphy, $659,000.

Falls Church Area

DYE DR., 3223-Robert G. Korhan to William A. Rivas and Maria M. Calzada, $590,000.

MOLY DR., 6602-Yar M. Behsudi to Howard M. Cantor, $1.15 million.

POPLAR CT., 7329-Drew M. Davis to Francisco A. Campos, $475,000.

SIGMONA ST., 2620-Jeanne L. Brown to Steven E. Griffith and Mary A. Minette, $580,000.

TYLER AVE., 7215-Daniel S. Bacher to Adalberto Flores Hidalgo and Merlin Regalado, $525,000.

YANCEY DR., 7964-Gregory J. and Christina S. Walsh to Darci K. Nelson, $525,000.

YARLING CT., 2819-Li Chen to Anusha Moodley, $356,900.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

HAYCOCK RD., 6931-Daniel Feinberg and Karen Stass to John Y. Ma and Ma Wannipa, $585,000.

HURST ST., 2411-Jeffrey A. and Veronique N. Spruill to Todd Raymond David and Maria Teresa Everhart Gaboury, $1.32 million.

LISLE AVE., 7303-Eileen Claussen to Dong K. and Eun Ja Han, $480,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

POINT REPLETE CIR., 7120-Stephen P. Franklin to Stephen W. and Angelita D. Quinn, $620,000.

Fort Hunt Area

CROSSLEY PL., 8409-Joseph A. and Emily R. Jansen to Jay M. and Jessica Difrisco Niebuhr, $675,000.

NEW MARKET RD., 7926-Joan M. Winchester to Oliver Albers and Danielle Broka, $450,000.

RIVERSIDE RD., 8213-James G. and Leah A. Rege to Alissa Waters and Devagus Waters, $750,000.

Great Falls Area

HOLLY KNOLL CIR., 12100-Ramesh Gadiraju and Uma Rudraraju to Mark David and Tiffany R. Sherrill, $732,500.

Herndon Area

BAYSHIRE LANE, 1301-Blanca M.V. Chavarria to Ines Menjivar Argueta and Sara Elizabeth G. Garcia, $525,999.

CEDAR RUN LANE, 13555-Kathleen Venaglia to Thomas and Amy Uiselt, $567,270.

FANTASIA DR., 12834-Brian and Thao Turnbull to Marla J. Hexter and Lawrence E. Cohen, $530,000.

GRASSMERE CT., 3216-Robert M. and Maryalice Girouard to Matthew J. and Cara L. Grady, $673,000.

HALTERBREAK CT., 2500-Thomas R. and Melanie J. Mielke to John E. Bobko and Sheir L. Bobko, $720,000.

KINGSTREAM CIR., 1548-Marc and Christy Penner to Elizabeth Lauer, $607,500.

POCONO PL., 2100-Robert M.S. and Carol S. Kinney to Rakesh and Cylmeera Reena Gastav, $550,000.

QUEENS CT., 1010-Castro Francisco and Jose D. Cardona to Wendy Morales and Ricardo Lara, $362,000.

ROCK MANOR CT., 2906-Donna L. Elder to Edmund J. and Jeanne M. Kane, $782,000.

SHAKER DR., 1215-Robert J. and Rosann J. Farrell to Robert M. and Carol S. Kinney, $875,000.

SOCIETY DR., 12706-Bhavik M. and Vanita B. Patel to Melissa D. and Richard S. Fisher, $545,000.

SPRINGTIDE PL., 1233-Max Hechter to Cruz Hermes Andrades, $350,000.

TERRA COTTA CIR., 2500-Julan Shi to Ayten Kiles, $535,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 408-Walter M. Carvajal to Ovidio F. and Maribel Funes, $525,000.

Huntington Area

FAIRHAVEN AVE., 2801-Mary A. Minette to Jose Gregorio and Claudia Veronica Parada, $389,000.

HUNTINGTON PARK DR., 2408-Pulte Home Corp. to Earl R. and Norma E. Brown, $833,450.

Hybla Valley Area

OAK DR., 6615-Gary Lee and Janice T. Fitzpatrick to Luis E. Pineda Gudiel and Lesly R. Pineda, $469,000.

POLINS CT., 7024-John T. and Kaylene M. Curtis to Cheryl D. and Patrick G. Minto, $580,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7522, No. L-Keith D. Shorte and Margaret R. Walker to Hattie P. Breeden, $335,000.

Lincolnia Area

DOVER CT., 5617-Thomas E. and Heather Murphy to Julie Andrea Von Vorys,


GRAFTON ST., 5023-Susan H.H. Dion to Hicham Moutawakil, $492,900.

Lorton Area

DOLSIE GROVE DR., 9007-Farah A. Dasoki to Ann Khayali Bulimo, $525,000.

EATON WOODS PL., 9706-Danfort Homes Corp. to Eric H. and Andrea L. Lubeck, $560,000.

KOOPMAN CT., 7801-Leona Fultz to Margaret A. Bimpong, $420,000.

MILFORD HAVEN CT., 8940, No. 38C-William P. Baker to Joseph L. and Yoland Jordan, $407,700.

RHODODENDRON CIR., 8906-Pulte Home Corp. to Christopher E. and Diane I. Lee, $965,000.

McLean Area

CHESTERFIELD AVE., 6606-Declan C. and Catherine L. Leonard to Mark Van Meredith, $719,000.

FALSTAFF RD., 8016-John F. and

Linda J. Le Fevre to Megan Malone,


FORESTWOOD DR., 1208-Steven A. and Sue E. Austin to Edward R. Gemayel and Maya Choueiri, $875,000.

GEORGETOWN PIKE, 6337-Frances P. Clark and Patrick J. Keogh to Robert C. Kettler, $1.7 million.

KELLOGG DR., 6304-Peter M. and Kristen K. Jeffries to Ernest S. and Karen Saeys Rosenberg, $879,000.

SPRING VALE AVE., 1437-Scherer Homes Corp. to Stacey G. and Matthew C. Rampy, $1.28 million.

THRASHER RD., 7113-Robert D. and Deborah K. Fentress to Jeffrey H. and Norma Grobman, $710,000.

TOWLSTON RD., 1112-Efstratios and Paraskevi Tavoulareas to Scot and Marjorie B. George, $1.75 million.

WELLER AVE., 8423-William J. and Barbara G. Kilberg to John H. and Caroline M. Lee, $1.31 million.

Mount Vernon Area

AGNEW AVE., 4313-David H. and Sheryl R. Cochran to Robert R. and Sally A. Laha, $825,000.

COOPER ST., 8102-Robert A. and Dana L. Troiano to Amadil Acosta Majano, $590,000.

LAUREL RD., 4009-Irene and Reinaldo Montano to Theodore S. and Olga A. Pavlova Black, $555,000.

MCNAIR DR., 8824-Steven E. Rusak to Meno Gennarione, $525,000.

NEPTUNE DR., 4720-George W. and Sharon O. Callaghan to Brian A. Rich and Jamie S. Rice, $1.43 million.

ORANGE CT., 8362-Jessie M. Foster to Jeff W. and Denise A. Wilburn, $807,000.

North Springfield Area

HESTON CT., 5519-Diane Steele to James H. Melton, $390,000.

KIPLING ST., 5209-Lopez Liliana Figueroa to Mario Argueta, $592,000.

LEEWOOD FOREST DR., 7015-Harry E. and Leigh M. Wickes to Gregory R. and Cynthia P. Pewett, $430,000.

VICEROY ST., 7727-Russell J. Rowson to Clifford Scott Hardison, $530,000.

WOODLAND DR., 7022-R.B. and M.A. Setton to Javier and Maria T. Enriquez, $950,000.

Oakton Area

GENEVA HILL CT., 2600-J. Randolph and Katherine H. Babbitt to Gregory A. and Jodi B. Fink, $1.58 million.

JERMANTOWN RD., 2817, No. 407-Jae H. Lee to Duk Geon Lee and Hwa Ja Yang, $320,000.

VALEWOOD DR., 3445-Jason B. and Sara B. Slatter to Douglas K. and Carrie A. Helmann, $785,000.

Reston Area

CHANCERY STATION CIR., 12166-Bruce V. Corsino and Junko Ito to Simona Hansen, $670,000.

CHESTNUT GROVE SQ., 11220, No. 122-Abir Shahin to Anthony Novalis, $249,500.

CITATION CT., 2342-Daniel W. and Christine A. Stockton to James C. and Jeanette M. Essig, $630,000.

CROSSWIND CT., 11903-Tracy Epperson to Jennifer M.O. Campo and Oscar E. Huerta, $390,000.

FOX MILL RD., 2617-Daniel M. and Nancy L. Callahan to Robert E. and Courtney K. White, $750,000.

GOLDENRAIN CT., 1522-Daisy L. Temple to Anil and Kanak Asthana, $350,000.

LIMA LANE, 12356-John R. and Mary L. Fliegel to Narjis Bokhari Ali, $575,000.

MARKET ST., 12001, No. 341-V. Jaroch to Peter F. and Joy Cynthia R. Charles, $349,000.

WAINWRIGHT DR., 1652-Rachel Tieger to Edwin A. and Kerri J. Bundy, $399,000.

WATERFRONT RD., 1484-Joan M. and Thomas C. Lewis to H. Thomas and Sarah J. Trimble, $1.39 million.

WILD HAWTHORN WAY, 1218-Vance Raeside to Camille M. Collins, $565,000.

WINTERPORT CL., 1907-Paula A. Ellish to Shahrzad Tabibi, $410,000.

Springfield Area

BRISTOL SQUARE CT., 7716-Edwin C. Trahan to Patrick W. and Laraine Harman, $460,000.

ELLWOOD PL., 7404-James O. and Kim A. Deal to Brian and Maria Samson,


FLANDERS ST., 5901-Kristin W. Peterson to Jose Barragan, $484,000.

GILES PL., 7201-Fidelino Ferrufino to Oscar Javier Barahona, $825,000.

GOLDEN SUNSET LANE, 9103-Frederick C. and Lynda O. Hathorn to Kristopher and Kanetha Breaux, $499,900.

KINGS POINT CT., 8102-Jerry L. and Emme E. Edwards to Mark A. and Aida G. Samara, $560,000.

LAVENDER LANE, 7206-Federico V. and Myrna S. Ramos to Jonathan Yu, $419,000.

PIONEER DR., 6402-Alberto and Vilma Hernandez to Donaciano Moreno, $479,900.

RED HORSE TAVERN LANE, 7112-Marcus W. and Susan P. Harton to Omar A. and Inmaculada Vargas, $625,000.

RIPPLED CREEK CT., 8482-Louise T. and Patrick C. Busby to Nadim Kouttab and Patricia Leith, $475,000.

RUSKIN ST., 6715-Matthew P. Thomas to Melba M. Sanchez and Marvin A. Escovar, $528,000.

SOUTHERN OAK DR., 7619-Stephen Wieker to Paul J. Marchetti and Alisha A. Marchetti, $425,000.

WINDING WAY CT., 8072-Alexander Christie to Patrick C. and Louise Busby, $580,000.

Vienna Area

BATON DR., 1915-James E. and Val Marie Protiva to Gordon L. and Lydia P. Douglass, $675,000.

BYRD RD., 1918-Robert Pegg to Andrew Ross and Zora Siemasko, $690,000.

COTTAGE ST., 1211-Margie Bishop Trout to Jose A. Ramirez and Maria E. Ramos, $549,000.

DAWSON ST., 1785-Michael C. and Lisa T. Perdue to Irving J. Hwang and Nancy Chen, $740,000.

FARDALE ST., 108-Paul H. and Lorraine M. Markoff to F. Eli and Stephanie M. Davis Nelson, $557,000.

FOXSTONE DR., 1829-Steven N. Matsukas and Tina L. Mickle to Jianli Diao and Shana Chen, $950,000.

HILLINGTON CT., 10159-Michael L. and Jennifer K. Demarco to Thomas J. and Frances R. Murray, $890,000.

OAKDALE WOODS CT., 9872-Joseph W. and Susan D. Kumbera to Kathryn A. Davis, $399,500.

PARIS CT., 203-Robert W. and Sandra Stewart to Michael J., Therese K. and Anne Joan Francese, $799,000.

QUINN TERR., 8189-Christopher Entwisle to Anthony D. and Marcia E. Socci, $676,000.

SILK OAK DR., 10502-Vernal W. Terry to Rajesh Santhanam and Toral Parikh, $845,000.

TARTAN CT., 9921-Carol L. Barrie to Eric S. and Katherine Brown, $799,000.

WATER FALLS LANE, 10686-Albert Chau and Trang X. Do to Nick and Sheridan Nobakht, $1.4 million.

West Springfield Area

BEDSTRAW CT., 7102-Carol M. Starr to Mario Ruben and Virginia V. Arandia, $432,200.

CARNATION CT., 7103-Daniel L. and Paula Deforest to Mark S. and Kathleen M. Spillman, $620,000.

GOLDEN HORSESHOE CT., 7415-Donna L. Edwards to Katherine Y. Klegin and Shon T. Klegin, $380,000.

QUEENSTON ST., 5980-Christina G. O'Brien to Anthony J. and Raagen Price Mack, $430,000.

SWEET DALE CT., 6029-Lands Properties Inc. to Ana I. Heller, $359,900.

SWEET SPICE CT., 9128-Robert R. and Maria J. Burns to Rafael Zapana, $399,900.

TIFFANY PARK CT., 9096-Anna M. Tomaselli to Brian and Michelle Surtees, $417,500.

Falls Church

These were among home sales recorded recently in Falls Church and supplied to The Washington Post by the City of Falls Church.

ANNANDALE RD. W., 101-Catherine L. Kissel to Quynh Trang Nguyen-Montgomery, $450,000.

BIRCH ST., 112, No. 84-Hazel Betty Reid to Hussein D. Hassan, $300,000.

BROAD ST. W., 513, No. 203-Jefferson at the Byron Partnership to Gloria Sanchez, $638,168.

BROAD ST. W., 513, No. 208-Jefferson at the Byron Partnership to Nidia Bermudez and Alfredo Delgado, $175,516.

BROAD ST. W., 513, No. 414-Jefferson at the Byron Partnership to Ann-Mary Kapusta, $752,520.

BROAD ST. W., 815-Thuy-Duong Ngo, Vu Dinh Ngo, Thanh-Huong T. Ngo and Hoa Dinh Ngo to KE&H Corp., $1 million.

CAMERON RD. W., 102-Seth C. Turner and Miriam N. Turner to Elizabeth R. Compton, $540,000.

GREENWICH ST., 504-Mark J. Stadsklev and Susan M.K. Stadsklev to Steven F. Hill and Laura E. Hill, $960,000.

GREENWICH ST., 517-Keith Michael Rowand and Sylvie I. Rowand to Pamela B. Wagner-Cox, $635,000.

HAMPTON CT., 419, No. 143-Diane R. Mattingly to Jaclyn M. Duncan, $360,000.

HILLWOOD AVE., 311-M. Elise Phillips and M. Suellen Phillips to Phathanie Somphanh Chapman and Gregory Dean Chapman, $700,000.

JACKSON ST., 804-Don M. Blumenthal and Jane L. Blumenthal to Beth D. Reusch and Wayne M. Reusch, $625,000.

JAMES CT., 405, No. 69-Oles P. Berezhny and Lyubov S. Shara to Kristina H. Woollum and Brian J. Creagh, $365,000.

JAMES ST., 319-Richard F. Miller and Betsy O. Miller to Laura Melara and Joel Melara, $490,000.

LEE ST. S., 206-John C. Shaw and Odet Shaw to Kathleen M. Goggin and Brian D. Goggin, $595,000.

OAK ST. S., 400-Debasish Dutta and Fataneh Taghaboni-Dutta to Humaira Ahmed and Sajeel S. Ahmed, $810,000.

PARK AVE., 609-George H. Ragland Jr. and F. Darlene Ragland to Farinaz Amirsehi and Pirouz Khanmalek, $1 million.

RANDOLPH ST., 600-Heather Lee and Joshua Lee to William H. Hall and Allison E. Hall, $705,000.

RILEY ST., 309-Thomas C. West and Elizabeth A. West to Alyssa M. Lesage and Gregory F. Thom, $1.01 million.

WESTMORELAND RD. W., 109-David G. Eckert and Annette McDonald Mills to Michele L. Mellott and Nathan J. Nagel, $460,000.

WHITTIER CIR., 104-Golbert P. Knarich and Susan M. Knarich to Chrystal M. Forrester and Vance M. Forrester, $670,000.

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