Russians Recreate Legendary 1941 Parade

The Associated Press
Tuesday, November 7, 2006; 10:31 PM

MOSCOW -- Russian veterans, soldiers, and others on Tuesday recreated the legendary Red Square parade of 1941 in a simultaneous homage to Russia's World War II effort and the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

The Nov. 7, 1941, parade, which commemorated the revolution, was the first to be staged following Russia's entry into World War II and was an act of defiance against Nazi German forces that had advanced to just 12 miles from Red Square.

The troops that participated marched straight to the front after forming up in ranks for the parade before Soviet leader Josef Stalin.

"We marched, and we saw only Stalin," veteran Ivan Ugryumov said. "We wanted to march very well but it was snowing and the cobblestones were slippery ... and we had to watch out for the bayonets of those marching in the row ahead so we wouldn't have our ears pierced by a bayonet."

Parade participants on Tuesday were dressed in period costumes, with some riding horses and others marching in lockstep across Red Square.

Some 3,000 Communists and others who want a return to the Soviet era later scuffled with riot police who prevented them from marching down a main street, relegating them to its sidewalk.

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