The Reliable Source's 2nd Annual Snip & Save Thanksgiving Talking Points

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Sunday, November 19, 2006

Time again for the holiday pilgrimage home, where you'll spend hours trying to find something to say to the relatives besides "Pass the cranberries." Because you live Inside the Beltway (or anywhere close), you're part of the problem/solution/mediacracy -- and are expected to have some insider dish. These talking points may not be technically, you know, true -- but that never stops a Washington pundit, now does it?


· "True, her intervention in the majority leader's race hurt her reputation with the moderate caucus that backed Steny Hoyer, but the reality is that she'll shift focus to anti-corruption and minimum-wage legislation, which even conservatives will have to support."

· "Mom, would you let Daddy buy your clothes? Nancy's husband picks out all her suits."

· "She was next to me at the Four Seasons salon last week. She's hot."


· "Well, people say they'd vote for a Hillary/Barack ticket, but you think -- deep down -- America is ready to elect two politicians from Chicago?"

· "Is John McCain's Purple Heart better or worse than John Kerry's?"

· "John Edwards: Too handsome to be president? Discuss."


· " Jim Webb's books were a lot dirtier before I edited them, so I figure he owes me."

· "Trust me -- there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that George Allen is going to Israel to work on a kibbutz."

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