SHARAM "Dubai" Global Underground

Friday, November 24, 2006

TO JUDGE BY SHARAM'S "Dubai," it's not just architectural development that's booming in that Persian Gulf city. The first solo set by DJ Sharam Tayebi, who's half of Washington's Deep Dish, this two-CD mix album encompasses music from throughout the electro-dance universe, but it was inspired by a trip to "super-club" Trilogy. If these 27 tracks are representative of the sort of music played there, then Dubai pulses to a sort of stark but tuneful neo-disco.

The set list includes such skeletal, beat-heavy tracks as Spider & Legaz's "Psych," which offers high-tech revamps of traditional African and Indian polyrhythms. But the mix opens with Dyad 10's "Sugar (Sweet Thing)," a dub samba that saunters more than it pounds and includes other deviations from the usual thumpety-thump, such as Twotrups' classical-rooted "The Cello Track (Dub)." Most notable are such song-oriented tracks as Planet Funk's "Everyday," Lunascape's "Mindstalking" and Armin van Buuren featuring Nadia Ali's "Who Is Watching," all of which feature full vocals rather than the usual looped sample. The beat may still rule the global techno underground, but in "Dubai" the singer is making a welcome comeback.

-- Mark Jenkins

Appearing Saturday at Fur.

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