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A Tale of Two Councils

· Has let it be known that a broad swath of the business community is unhappy with the performance of schools Superintendent Clifford Janey (as is Fenty).

· Is managing an effort to raise more than $100,000 in private money to support the development of Chairman-elect Gray's multiyear strategy for the D.C. Council.

· Is raising more than $400,000 for the Fenty transition to fund search firms seeking candidates to fill six positions in the mayor-elect's cabinet and support Fenty's high-level study of the public school system and takeover strategies.

· Is sending off its own chief operating officer, Victor Reinoso -- who is also a school board member -- to serve as Fenty's deputy mayor for education.

Adrian Fenty and the Federal City Council. Who woulda thunk it?

Now, which of the two councils is the real mover and shaker?

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