Hot Topics but No Heated Discussions As Amy Holmes Sits In on 'The View'

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In her usual TV talking-head gigs, Amy Holmes debates matters such as whether Alcee Hastings should head the House Intelligence Committee and the consequences of Don Rumsfeld's resignation. Yesterday's topics? Where she likes to Christmas-shop, her recent breakup with a boyfriend, and how hot that Daniel Craig is!

So it went as the former Bill Frist speechwriter sat in as guest co-host with the ladies of ABC's "The View." Producer Barbara Walters has said she's looking for a minority woman to replace Star Jones Reynolds-- does yesterday's show mean Holmes is a contender? "I just looked at it as a great opportunity," the D.C. resident told us.

Holmes, who has mostly been doing TV work since leaving Frist's office this summer, said she had some apprehension that her GOP ties would set her up for a battle with feisty liberal hosts Rosie O'Donnell and Joy Behar. "I was told before going on to think of it as a dinner party: You want to get your points in, but you don't want to be rude." But there were few cracks, even as Holmes showed photos of herself meeting Bush, Cheney and Clinton. (Was that our former colleague and her long-ago squeeze Lloyd Grove in the background?)

Elisabeth Hasselback asked if she had ever written a speech she didn't agree with. Holmes replied, "I worked with other people on the staff to develop [Frist's] policy positions. . . . It was a privilege."

O'Donnell gazed at Holmes with an I-hear-ya nod, then added : "You're very pretty."

"They were professionals about putting me and other guests on the show at ease," Holmes said later. "I didn't have the feeling I was dealing with divas. It can be more of a pit fight to be with Paul Begala on a cable show."

It's Their Party and They'll Stay if They Want To

Bush Twins
Barbara, left, and Jenna Bush watch a soccer match in Buenos Aires. U.S. officials denied a report that the twins were urged to cut their trip short.(Marcos Brindicci - Reuters)
Those globe-trotting twins Barbara and Jenna Bush continued their Argentine birthday getaway Sunday with shopping and soccer.

The sisters, who turned 25 on Saturday, popped up Sunday morning in the Buenos Aires antiques market at Plaza Dorrego in trendy San Telmo (the same district where a thief nabbed Barbara's purse and cellphone while she dined last week). Casually dressed, with no security visible, the daughters went unrecognized by the local crowd, reports our colleague Libby Copeland. Later, they donned the blue and yellow jerseys of the Boca Juniors and sat in the owner's box for the team's match at La Bombonera stadium, where some games have been canceled because of violence.

After the purse-snatching, which sparked a media frenzy throughout South America, the Argentine interior minister told reporters, "From now on, we are participating actively" in protecting the twins. Late yesterday, the U.S. Embassy there issued a statement denying an ABC News report that embassy officials had "strongly suggested" the twins cut their trip short because of security issues. (ABC also reported that the twins got all the attention, not new U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne.) Rather, embassy officials provided "close support and cooperation."

Barbara left the country late Sunday night; plans called for Jenna to party on until Thursday.

HEY, ISN'T THAT . . . ?

Noah Wyle, engaging in the popular local sport of stoop-sitting yesterday while on a break from his Baltimore movie shoot. Our colleague Kathleen Cahill spotted the "ER" star -- in town filming the indie flick "Boy of Pigs" -- lounging in a Bolton Hill doorway unnoticed by passersby in his '60s-era costume (olive wool overcoat, shiny black dress shoes). Whatcha reading, Noah? Wyle smiled and showed Cahill his book -- Oscar-winner Walter Murch's meditation on film editing, "In the Blink of an Eye."

Jerry Springer breakfasting at the Four Seasons with friends Saturday, dressed in black with a gray sweater. What was the talk show host and recent "Dancing With the Stars" contender doing in town? Thanksgiving at his sister's house here, which left him still hungry for a hearty meal: eggs, potatoes, bacon.


On second thought: Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from Kid Rock, just four months after she wed the singer, her rep told People magazine. The once-engaged lovebirds had broken up, then reunited and married in three ceremonies (St. Tropez, Beverly Hills and Nashville) this past summer. You'd think one of them would have stuck. Says her rep: "It wasn't a happy Thanksgiving."

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