And to All a Good Flight

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Travel can be joyful, inspiring and downright expensive -- as can the gift-giving season. Combine the two and you could spend a mint on high-end luggage, hand-held GPS systems and other pricey items for the travelers in your life.

To protect your credit card from maxing out, we scoured travel Web sites and retailers for on-the-go goodies that cover everything from comfort (a blanket with a pocket to keep your feet warm) to indulgence (a personal mini bar for mobile martinis). Best of all: None costs more than $50, and many fall under $15.

In addition, for those who just don't need another thing, there's always the gift of travel itself. Southwest, JetBlue and Northwest airlines are among the carriers offering gift certificates, and travel-related memberships such as the National Parks Pass (888-467-2757,; $50) have lasting power. Who knows, maybe they'll take you along.

Sit back and enjoy the guide.

-- Anne McDonough and Andrea Sachs

* * *

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