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Look Me Up Under 'Missing Link'

It's a pretty common tactic, and it rarely seems to work. Andrew Klein kept an eye on the drubbing given to an entry about "Cake Pony," a Web comic strip that he writes and illustrates with his girlfriend, Lauren Wong. The editors questioned the strip's notability and huffed that Klein had written the piece himself, a major strike against. (The theory is that if you or your comic strip were truly notable, someone else would write on your behalf.)

Klein submitted a sort of plea for clemency. "Article contains valuable and factual information about a popular internet meme," he asserted.

Survey says: Drop dead!

"No one has ever heard of it and the article isn't funny," one editor wrote.

"That's the way it goes," sighed Klein on the phone Wednesday. "It's their site and you've got to play by their rules."

Plenty of deletees, of course, have no idea they've been chucked. Like Bill Slavick, who was expunged from the site this week soon after an editor described him as a "failed candidate for US Senate in Maine who got 5% of the vote."

Speaking on the phone from his home, Slavick, who is a 78-year-old retired professor of English, sounded unmoved.

"I don't care," he said.

You don't care? "No. Someone called me a few months ago and asked if it was OK to send in this biography and I didn't have any big objection."

Slavick would, however, like to clarify one point. As an independent candidate, he participated in three debates in this fall's campaign, two of which were televised. The verdict, by his reckoning, is that he won all three.

"In Maine," he says, with a hint of pride, "I'm notable."

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