Happiness Springs Eternal

By Art Buchwald
Thursday, December 7, 2006

A lot of people want to know: What is happiness?

Obviously, what makes one person happy doesn't necessarily make another person happy. It is my opinion that age plays an important part. I'm in the senior citizen bracket, so my happiness quotient of "feeling good" is different from that of my children and grandchildren.

This is what makes me happy:

When my doctor says I passed all my medical tests with flying colors.

When the dentist tells me I have no cavities.

Sitting in my lounge chair in front of the TV set.

Someone making me popcorn and hot chocolate in front of a log fire, but I don't have to bring in the logs.

An evening in bed with a good book. (My book.)

A Visa card bill informing me they made a mistake in my favor.

Any ailment I have that is covered by Medicare.

A parking place.

Enough money in my pension account to let me spend four months in Florida.

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