Mass. Gunman Left Note Before Suicide

The Associated Press
Wednesday, December 13, 2006; 10:12 PM

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. -- A gunman who sneaked into a strip club with an assault rifle and killed two people before fatally shooting himself left behind a note expressing regret, according to an investigator close to the probe.

In the brief note, seized by police from Scott Medeiros' home in Freetown, the 35-year-old gunman says to tell his parents he's sorry and asks them to care for his ex-girlfriend, Jaime Tavares, a bartender at the club.

The note doesn't directly mention any planned violence, said the investigator, who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly.

Early Tuesday, Medeiros, who once installed a security system at the Foxy Lady strip club, slipped past guards who were under orders to keep him out. He was dressed in black clothes, a bulletproof vest and a black ski mask, and carried an assault rifle.

Police say he shot and killed Robert Carreiro, 33, of New Bedford _ the father of his ex-girlfriend's child _ and club manager Tory Marandos, 30, of Nashua, N.H. Medeiros riddled arriving police cars with bullets, injuring two officers and a bystander before retreating into the club and committing suicide.

During a standoff that lasted several hours, Medeiros sent a text message to someone outside the club, prosecutor Raymond Veary Jr. said. Veary did not say what the message said or to whom it was sent.

Medeiros also called police and had what Veary described as a rambling conversation with a dispatcher.

"It concluded with a large, extremely loud bang we have identified as probably a gunshot," he said.

Authorities spent much of Wednesday interviewing witnesses and sifting through clues to determine what prompted the attack.

Medeiros dated Tavares, the bartender, after her romantic relationship with Carreiro lapsed, said Irene Thomas, a friend of both victims. But Medeiros' relationship with Tavares ended badly, and he had been ordered to stay out of the club, according to business owners.

Messages left by The Associated Press at a listing for Tavares were not answered, and no one answered the door at her home.

On Nov. 19, Medeiros walked into the club while Tavares was working, said an investigator who also spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk publicly. He and Carreiro argued, and Medeiros claimed the club security guard struck him, the investigator said. He later sought treatment at a hospital and filed a police report, which officials have refused to release.

A judge in New Bedford District Court denied a request by The Associated Press to make public a copy of that report Wednesday. The investigator said Medeiros had tried to file charges against Carreiro, but court records show none had been approved before both men died.

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