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Home Sales

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fairfax County

These were among sales recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax and elsewhere in the Washington area, visithttp://www.washingtonpost.com/realestate.

Alexandria-Belle View Area

ANDOVER DR.,6905-Sirva Relocation Credit Corp. to Richard A. Mains, $745,000.

HARVARD DR.,2208-Samuel W. Simmons to Andrea Viski and Brian Lucas, $425,000.

SHIVER DR.,2111-Anese I. Clark to Carol W. and Harry B. Jones, $675,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ABBOTTSBURY ROW,6207-Thomas L. and Janet R. Ward to Miguel A. and Lorena E. Martinez, $455,000.

BELLEAU WOODS LANE,5619-David M. Sneed and Letta F. Sneed to Frank Scollins, $500,000.

BROOKVIEW DR.,5925-Neftali M. Reyes to Vicente Palacios, $465,000.

CALEB CT.,6420-Anne M. Maher to Stephen D. and Helen L. Salzman, $849,950.

CLAMES DR.,6001-Brevic Development Corp. to Nelson and Noemy Ramirez, $1.43 million.

JANE WAY,5918-James C. Hodges to Peter M. Smith, $599,900.

JOWETT CT.,5556-Bonita R. Harris to Jay D. Aronowitz, $585,000.

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