Nats to Outline Plan For Season Tickets At New Stadium

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Washington Nationals are launching a mailing to season ticket holders today, telling them where they stand on the priority list for tickets to the team's new stadium, which is set to open in April 2008, and how they can improve their chances of getting better seats.

"We are announcing to our season ticket base and laying out this priority system in a letter to them and in an overview that will explain our philosophy behind who can buy the best seats," said Mark Tilson, Nationals vice president for sales. The mailing also will include a timeline on when customers can expect to hear from the ticket staff through the coming season.

Under the seating system the Nationals are announcing today, full- and partial-season ticket holders who have been with the team since the inaugural 2005 season will get highest priority for seats at the new stadium. Customers who started buying season tickets in 2006 will get the next highest priority, and 2007 will follow, Tilson said.

"One question we will get a lot is that people assume that if you bought a full season ticket in 2006, that it takes priority over a partial-plan holder in 2005," Tilson said. "That's not the case. First and foremost is the year they signed up. We are taking one year at a time starting in 2005."

Priority also will be given to fans based on their seating location.

The team will send out a more detailed mailing in a few months that will include diagrams for the new stadium, seating maps, a description of what tickets will be available to full- and partial-season customers, and more details on how the priority system will work for the 2008 season.

Invoices for 2007 already have been sent out and payments are due Feb. 15, Tilson said.

-- Thomas Heath

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