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The Male of the Specious

Also, he mentions that he has undergone a sigmoidoscope procedure. Someone should tell him he may have a lawsuit, because part of that thing is obviously still lodged up there.

-- Tamara Jones

I don't have anything to say. I do have something to sing. Here is my song "What Was I Thinking" . And here is a special new verse I added just for Gene -- and Christopher, of course.

-- Christine Lavin, folksinger / songwriter

This is obviously a man who does not know women to any real depth. If you see what I am saying.

-- Rachel Manteuffel

Two observations:

1) Hitchens has a point he wants to make, but he can't pitch it; i.e., he throws like a girl.

2) There's not one funny line in the whole essay. Ergo, following his own logic, he also writes like a girl.

What we have here is a woman trapped in a man's body. Until he recognizes the need for surgery, he is doomed to self-loathing diatribes such as this, poor thing.

-- Jennifer Hart

He asks: "Is there anything less funny than hearing a woman relate a dream she's just had?"

Well, sure. How about a detailed analysis of potential NFL draft picks? A description of every step (and misstep) taken in upgrading one's operating system or wiring one's home theater? No, wait. How about a staggeringly pompous, interminable, uninformed, dishonest spasm of intellectual chicken-choking in a major magazine? How 'bout that?

-- Sarah W. Gaymon

*Headline by Elizabeth Chang.

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