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Home Sales

PONDEROSA DR.,4716-Alfonso Ortega to Michael Scott and Sharon K. Defferding, $635,000.

TABARD PL.,4822-Todd E. and Annette Peterson to Mark and Stephanie Melson, $585,000.

TEMPEST PL.,4501-John D. Brantley to Joseph H. and Stephanie Evans, $597,500.

TERRACE CT.,7001-Jean D. Coughlan to Gerardo P. Claure, $555,000.

TRAMMELL CT.,7857-Alane Keller to Clara L. Samayoa and Byron Cienfuentes, $456,400.

Baileys Crossroads Area

COLFAX AVE.,5866-Anthony J. Cavataio to Bruce A. Schneider, $799,900.

KNOLLWOOD DR.,6124-Robert I. Bouck to Nelson A. Romero and Olga R. Galdamez, $628,000.

LEESBURG PIKE,6137, No. 605-Maria C. Tia to Keiko Takai, $186,999.

LEESBURG PIKE,6145, No. 406-M. Martinez and Alex R. Ergueta to Mario O. Contreras, $270,000.

MADISON POINTE CT.,6082-Oscar O. and Fatima L. Salinas to Victor and Heather Grazette, $560,000.

MAGNOLIA LANE,5500-Patricia J. and Roderick G. Marshall to Juan E. Reyes, $585,000.

NICHOLSON ST.,6311-Kelley A. Kane and Paul W. Harar to Reginald F. and Sharon R. Massie, $1.05 million.

OAKWOOD DR.,6609-Kevin D. Burke to Steven D. Gordon and Leslie S. McAdoo, $822,000.

PINEWOOD TERR.,3859-Leonard Lee Poling to Ana N. Leyton, $556,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR.,3713, No. 906-Salaheddine Malouki to Yamna Aitettalb and Houssaini Chafika, $435,000.

Burke Area

CHESTNUT WOOD LANE,10041-James L. Burrell to Yun Ja Yi and Hyun Guen Kim, $445,000.

CLERKENWELL CT.,6028-Andrew C. and Deanna R. Lewis to Julianne Underwood, $400,000.

CROSSRAIL DR.,5408-Darko Dombrovski to Luis Badani, $395,000.

CROWNLEIGH CT.,5706-Luther E. and Hazel M. Woodward to Julio Garcia Morales, $419,000.

CROWNLEIGH CT.,5715-Matthew T. and Rebecca A. Slaight to Barbara J. Randa, $410,000.

HEMLOCK WOODS LANE,9935-Wolcott D. and Anne F. Baird to Chi Jung Lee and No Un Wha, $430,000.

LAPSTRAKE LANE,9472-Molly J. Hall to Susana M. and Aatef Morkos, $655,000.

MERSEA CT.,5404-Greta Getlein and Wanda Strickland to Kevin and Amy Bartels, $385,000.

PARK WOODS LANE,10031-Bradley K. Bennett to Natalia Adamsone, $540,000.

POBURN LANDING CT.,6146-Thomas J. Cleary to Melanie F. Richardson and Darryl W. Green, $640,000.

QUIET POND TERR.,10218-Samuel J. Pisquiy to Juan Enrique and Salome Magdalena Reyes, $399,000.

RAINTREE RD.,9303-Lisa K. Turner and Gregory A. Kosarin to Kwon Mi Wook, $612,000.

SAILCLOTH PL.,9503-Luc J. Boivin to Thomas C. and Debi A. Jaster, $695,000.

TEAKWOOD CT.,6327-Hyun S. Kim and Jin S. Lee to Yanira Escobar, $407,000.

TORRENCE ST.,6308-Roland Drauchun to Norma Aguilar, $548,000.

TORRENCE ST.,6376-George F. and Suzanne G. Qreitem to Olga J. and Juan Jose Velasquez, $613,000.

WOOD ASTOR CT.,9911-Pauline J. Porter to William A. Prevallet, $549,000.

WOOD GREEN WAY,10101-Rozanne L. Taylor to William Shanahan and K. Lambiase, $439,000.

WOOD POPPY CT.,5840-Brian K. and Nicole N. Cockrell to Jessica M. Risco, $390,000.

Centreville-Balls Ford Area

AUTUMN CIR.,14128-Melissa A. Polverini to Donald and Cindy Klenk, $357,000.

BATON ROUGE CT.,13931-Yong H. Kwon to Brenda H. and Sang J. Lee, $416,000.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY,14313, No. 302-Patricia A. Tubbs to Elmer E. Marquina, $230,000.

COMPTON LANE,6935-Pamela J. Powers to Gerardo A. Yamakawa and Rossana Mejia Morlaes, $389,900.

COTTINGHAM LANE,6845-Michelle Tapia to Daniel and Hye Young Pritchard, $380,000.

GOTHIC DR.,13937-Choo H. Lee and Bob S. Song to Jung Sun Kim, $462,500.

GUARD MOUNT CT.,6414-Christopher C. and Beverly L. Allen to Gregory M. Holden and Aimee M. Grinnan, $609,000.

GUN CAP CT.,6316-Yong D. and Son M. Oh to Michael G. Pearson and Christopher W. Robson, $450,000.

LIGHTBURN LANE,13958-Christian E. Uttenweiler to Yanez Sergio Cortez, $379,000.

RED RIVER DR.,14158-Jill M. Porubovic to Roberto Varela, $381,000.

RIDGE WATER CT.,6895-R.A. Weiner to M.V. Castillo and Juan C. Urgarriza, $447,900.

ROCK FOREST CT.,5837-Lawrence M. and Claudia C. Locklin to Essi Ayivor, $359,900.

ROSEBUD LANE,6005, No. 305-Steven C. Nance to Jennifer V. Williams, $230,000.

RUSTLING LEAVES LANE,14513-Todd Bolender to Freddy A. Barrientos, $285,000.

SAGUARO PL.,14443-Sergio Sandoval to Carol Pantigoso, $305,000.

SARA MARIE TERR.,6082-Mona Hassan to Keun Hwa and Young Sil Oh, $440,000.

WATER POND CT.,13955-Steven A. and Marianna Sunderlin to Robin McGuire, $400,000.

Centreville- Sully Station Area

ASTRID COVE,6277-Eugene P. Byas to Karen L. Perez, $319,950.

BASINGSTOKE LOOP,14672, No. 216-Maria C.D. Balmores and Grace Pepito to Timothy E. McLaurin and Carolin Rieger, $348,500.

CALIPER CT.,5314-James L. and Cynthia W. Alls to Estee Esposito, $665,000.

CASTLE HARBOR WAY,5111, No. 92-Joyce G. Kelley to Joseph D. and Jessica A. Leckie, $375,000.

CEDAR BREAK DR.,5581-Megan A. Peshoff to Jaimi B. Taylor, $475,000.

GRESHAM LANE,5622-Merna F. Rafidi to Kebreab Teklu and Selamawit Afewerki, $434,900.

HAVENER HOUSE WAY,5905-Jeffrey M. Hersh to Julio Cesar Popoff, $328,000.

HAVENER HOUSE WAY,6026-Jonathan S. Ra to James A. Bochert, $285,000.

HAYMARKET LANE,14814-Michael D. and Kelly R. Draughon to Ernest Edwin Evans, $370,000.

HONSENA DR.,15104-Philip and Sandra Wesdock to Robert J. and Jane H. White, $515,000.

OAKMERE DR.,14521-Charles A. and Lori L. Schue to Park Chin, $445,000.

PADDINGTON LANE,6296-Freddy Flores to Manuel and Roque Martinez and Silvia Lazo, $370,000.

ROYAL OAK LANE,14196-Heather M. Behnke to Paul Wengerter and Judy Wang,


SECRET HOLLOW LANE,6206-Robert L. and Wanda M. Lane to James E. and Monica Lonette Walker, $649,000.

SHEALS LANE,5613-Xiandong Meng to Santo Khieu, $505,000.

STONE RANGE DR.,14623-William M. and Brandy F. Kmetz to Timothy D. and Katie E. Magin, $385,000.

TRAVIS EDWARD WAY,5123, No. I-Tony Vo to Kathryn P. McHale, $265,000.

VILLAGE SQUARE DR.,13219-Eric C. and Nahlee Yim to Hyang Yoen and Soek Kyung Chang, $515,000.

WETHERBURN DR.,15100-Mohbub and Shamson N. Ali to Edward D. and Lizette Russell, $632,500.

WYCOMBE ST.,14738-Carlos D. Damas to Santos Amaya, $325,000.

Chantilly Area

LEWIS MILL WAY,13880-Derrick J. Luppino to Vincent S. Antonacci and Denene E. Antonacci, $1.2 million.

MELVILLE LANE,13562-Jason Yu to Jeffrey and Sukha Smith, $740,000.

PICASSO PL.,3750-Jonathan and Jeanie Chang to Kwang Hee Bae, $850,000.

Fairfax City Area

ALDER WOODS CT.,3876-Brett A. Luhring to Richard Brandon Wade Moore, $427,000.

AMBERLEY LANE,3224-Dorothy L. Lichtwardt to Ronald O. Valdiserri, $745,000.

AMBERLEY LANE,3233-Roger W. and Diana L. Gilroy to James and Suzanne A. Wayman, $740,000.

ASQUITH CT.,4904-Frederick J. and Jane D. Niethamer to Kyung Im Choi, $715,000.

AYLOR RD.,5344-Vittorio Cerrone to Shirley A. Newman, $495,000.

BABASHAW CT.,3102-Hugh D. Brown to Travis S. and Andrea L. Floyd, $370,000.

BAILEY LANE,9291-Caroline Barnes to Trudy Cornwall, $485,000.

BRADDOCK RD.,12500-Marguerite S. Buckley to Robert C. Burgess, $425,000.

BUCKEYE LANE,3348-David A. and Elise S. Oppenheimer to Edmond and Irena Qorri, $380,000.

BUCKHORN RIDGE,4636-James D. and Christa M. Larkin to Keith A. Thrasher and Shana E. Hallet, $535,000.

CALAIS POINT CT.,4167-William and Amy Saunders to Michelle M. and Andrew J. Anderson, $560,000.

CARRIAGE GATE CT.,11489-K. and Pauline J. Mattes to Yvette A. Nash, $495,000.

CARRIAGEPARK RD.,4835-Gerald M. and Linda M. Lonsway to Antai Wang and Ruihua Xu, $455,000.

COLCHESTER BROOK LANE,3177-Howard J. Stern to Damaris and Carlos J. Lizon, $455,000.

COLLINGHAM DR.,10435-Arthur L. and Annemarie M. Moshos to James Fedora, $482,500.

CONCORDIA ST.,5101-George E. and Theresa M. Bondurant to David J. and Michelle L. Bruton, $613,000.

CROUCH DR.,12896-Steven A. and Sharon D. Gibson to Sydney A. and Wendy L. Blocher, $765,000.

DEMBY DR.,4603-Richard W. and Barbara R. Battersby to Joel S. and Barbara A. Wallen, $639,900.

DEQUINCEY DR.,4987-Paul M. and Danielle L. Craun to Michael and Victoria L. Frigault, $549,888.

FAIRFAX CENTER HUNT TRAIL,4003-James P. Whittaker to Derek B. and Sarah Wheeler, $525,000.

FAIRFIELD HOUSE DR.,12209, No. 508A-Elaine M. Lieberman to Fernando Pachas and Adriana I. Castellon, $329,900.

FANLEAF CT.,12520-Todd H. Miller to Christopher S. and Katie E. Custis, $420,000.

FIVE OAKS RD.,9822-Albert L. and Barbara A. Pickeral to Daniel E. Propheter, $650,000.

FOX HUNTER PL.,12203-Samuel W. and Marsha B. Smith to Richard E. and Suzanne M. Conine, $711,000.

GILBERTSON RD.,4502-Frances L. and Raymond K. Carnahan to Khue Cung and Tran Dieu Trang, $675,000.

GOLF RIDGE CT.,12012, No. 102-Tiffany L. Kirk to Arthur Clay Black, $290,000.

HIGHLAND OAKS CT.,12972-Richard and Nancy Walfish to Nitin and Monica Rikhi, $844,000.

HOLLY AVE.,4449-Patricia A. and Steven J. Witthorn Zukerowski to Irfan Samiadji and Myrna Indira, $364,000.

HUMMINGBIRD LANE,4646-Dae Y. Park to Lana B. Thompson, $599,000.

LINCOLN DR.,5005-David N. and Heather Hendrickson to Patrick P. and Michelle M. O'Connell, $760,000.

LINDENBROOK ST.,9685-Nancy M. Lancaster to Robin L. and Michael J. Sullivan, $479,000.

LITTLE RIVER TPK.,8933-Wiu W. Kim to Kwang Yong Shin, $655,000.

LOWER PARK DR.,4223-Eldar Tariverdi to Brenda B. Fitzgerald, $625,000.

MACTAVISH HT.,11403-Italo A. Acha to Michael Joseph Andrews, $425,000.

MAINSTONE DR.,2923-Atilio O. Garcia to Christopher L. and Jessica V. Soto, $550,000.

MAPLE VIEW LANE,13006-Raymond P. and Candice K. Merkle to Steven D. and Christina D. Lydick, $517,000.

MILLARD WAY,3803-Renaissance at the Oaks Corp. to Elliot Gordor, $1.76 million.

MONUMENT CT.,4130, No. E-Dong Liang to Afet Suleymanova, $300,000.

MOSS RANCH LANE,13135-Raymond J. and Toni L. Hall to David P. and Joan M. Duffitt, $487,000.

OAKSHADE CT.,3341-Luis Orozco to David Brown and Stacy Gaffner Brown, $398,500.

PARKLAND DR.,3824-Weston R. and Paige E. Goode to Hugo W. and Constance R. Plaag, $672,000.

PARKSIDE DR.,11913-Kenneth G. and Victoria N. Carlson to Robert M. and Verna C. Hawk, $810,000.

PAYNES CHURCH DR.,10692-John F. and Barbara A. Bruno to Michael W. Cogburn and Elizabeth Wiggins, $650,000.

RED ADMIRAL PL.,13017-Hamida Naim to Jae Hong Oh, $750,000.

ROYAL DOULTON LANE,8817-Alexander Choi to Sang B. Shim, $680,000.

SELKIRK DR.,4308-Kenneth P. and Rosalie M. White to Mingjun Zhao and Hong Guo, $580,000.

TAPESTRY DR.,4797-Patricia A. Bowers to Tae Sup, Sin J. Kim and Alexander S. Kim, $530,000.

THACKERY SQ.,9667-George N. and Eleni B. Woglom to Christopher and Cristina Murphy, $396,000.

TIMBER MEADOW DR.,4205-Gerard G. Gleckel to Scot E. Russell, $572,500.

WENZEL ST.,9645-T. Brigitte to Jorge N. Romero, $634,000.

WHISPER WILLOW DR.,5018-Charles M. and Carole A. Gunn to Mark E. and Jessica G. Reed, $750,000.

WINFORD CT.,5529-Michael E. Stango to Dimitri A. and Cheryl B. Alexson, $424,000.

Fairfax Station Area

CLIPPER DR.,10506-Derek F. and Christine A.E. Schuler to Manuel Santiago, $655,000.

COGSWELL PL.,10703-Robert W. and Karen M. Gardner to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $735,000.

HOLLINGTON PL.,7906-Steven P. and Alison R. Friedel to Thomas and Sally Classick, $860,000.

MAKELY DR.,6008-Robert M. Lester and Deidre D. Goodwin to Mark and Ann Marie Boyd, $882,000.

OAK CHASE CIR.,8524-George E. and Rosario F. Juliano to Gregory A. and Deborah M. Pickell, $900,000.

OAK HOLLOW LANE,8011-Harold S. and Laura F. Marriott to Laura Lee McDonald, $618,000.

QUAILWOOD MANOR DR.,11400-John H. and Jennie B. Crowe to Philip Anthony and Susannah S. Oakley, $1.38 million.

SPOUT LANE,6809-Jeffrey W. and Cynthia H. Byron to A. John and Florence Boyd Gironda, $1.01 million.

Falls Church Area

ARTHUR DR.,7224-Daniel W. and Amy F. Howell to Victoria W. Howard, $565,000.

BARRETT RD.,6613-Kim J. Linden and Dawn E. Sherper to Matthew R. and Cora Klapper Russell, $585,500.

DASHIELL RD.,3130-Ruben Rojas to Delmy Suyapa Mendieta, $510,000.

DOVER LANE,2844, No. 204-Carl Henry Geschwind to Debra Yager, $215,000.

DYE DR.,3223-Robert G. Korhan to William A. Rivas and Maria M. Calzada, $590,000.

ELLEN AVE.,6927-Robert B. Noland and Leslie A. Holden to Jacquelyn Stewart and Shawn T. Conrad, $490,000.

JEFFERSON AVE.,6916-Mark S. Jones to John Kent and Tina Franklin, $495,000.

LEE HWY.,7362, No. T2-Maria F. Benavides and Raul A. Colindres Reyes to Lucila Soriano and Claudia Martinez, $235,000.

LEE HWY.,7613, No. 102-Dorothy M. Stukes to Maria M. Del Cid, $280,000.

LOCUST ST.,6641-J. Mark and Jo Ann M. Stadtmueller to Brian J. and Kelley A. Clark, $1.05 million.

MANOR RD.,3138-Charles and Nora Nutter to Mercedes and Bernabel Aparicio, $495,000.

MIDDLEBORO DR.,2833-Ian Y.I. Chun to Maria K. Brazda, $405,000.

NEW PROVIDENCE DR.,7759, No. 38-Deborah M. Sydnor to Jeffrey P. and Abby S. Johnson, $258,000.

NORTH WEST ST.,701-Timothy J. and Riddhini K. Alexander to Deborah L. and Kerry S. Gilpin, $770,000.

ROGERS DR.,2927-Charlotte K. Kerns to Luis B. Amaya, $579,900.

SHERRY CT.,3226-Marjorie H. Glittenberg to Alex H. Orellana and Marlene Aquino Guzman, $540,000.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

DALE DR.,2342-Eric Silla and Stacey L. Suyat to Allan and Ming Eng Hsu, $660,000.

HIGHBORO WAY,2007-Robert G. and Darlene R. Tregaskis to Anne S. Broyhill, $590,000.

LISLE AVE.,7303-Eileen Claussen to Dong K. and Eun Ja Han, $480,000.

LUNCEFORD LANE,7715-Carmen Sanchez to Francisco Ventura and Blanca Margarita Escobar, $439,900.

MAYFAIR MCLEAN CT.,2007-Barbara S. Noonberg to Jonathan L. Kaylor, $1.01 million.

MIDDLECOFF PL.,2786-Armando Castro to Martineza Denis E. Melgar and Jurado Bernardo I. Conzalez, $479,000.

NOTTINGHAM DR.,2435-Robert K. and Susan B. England to Shawn D. and Elena A. Stetler, $616,000.

PIMMIT DR.,2031-Marion P. Schultz to Edwin Panozo, $424,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

INLET COVE DR.,6930-Peter J. Braun and Logan D. Leathers to John C. Matthews and Teresa M. Gardner, $800,000.

Fort Hunt Area

BRADGATE RD.,8710-Seward L. and Marjorie R. Jones to Michael Meller and Saba Ayalew, $610,000.

CAMDEN ST.,8608-Jeffrey M. and Sheri Lash to Edward V. and Jacqueline I. Jordan, $520,000.

CROSSLEY PL.,8409-Joseph A. and Emily R. Jansen to Jay M. and Jessica Difrisco Niebuhr, $675,000.

HIGHGATE RD.,8609-Colleen M. Kriger to Jessica P. Montoya and Peter G. Laporte, $589,950.

MOREY LANE,8409-Wei Wang and Xiaofei Kang to Thomas J. and Kristen A. Donohue, $624,000.

NEW MARKET RD.,7926-Joan M. Winchester to Oliver Albers and Danielle Broka, $450,000.

Great Falls Area

ARDEN HOLLY CT.,11912-Charles M. and Susan R. Loving to Francisco J. Morandi and Carmen Zerpa Gimon, $855,000.

ARNON CHAPEL RD.,9504-John R. and Katherine L. Serumgard to Tieying Li and Cheng Yen Liang, $855,000.

CONSTELLATION DR.,926-Bruce T. and Robyn S. Carton to Michael and Jennifer Appleton, $1.35 million.

FAIRPINE LANE,9402-Kim W. Nimmo to Joo Kyung Ree and Myo Yoon Kim, $969,000.

WARWICK STONE WAY,54-Thomas J. and Elizabeth A. Flaherty to Christopher C. and Linda W. Campbell, $2.15 million.

WELHAM GREEN RD.,919-Walter J. and Elizabeth R. Lewis to Raymond Karl and Kelann Leah McDonnell, $980,000.

Herndon Area

ACORN HUNT PL.,13614-Brian H. and Misook Park to Zekeria Sheikh, $499,900.

ANGELINE DR.,2482, No. 104-Zhiqing Zhang to Nicolas P. Tongson, $305,000.

ASPEN DR.,500-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Joel Rivera Abrego, $630,000.

BAYSHIRE LANE,1301-Blanca M.V. Chavarria to Ines Menjivar Argueta and Sara Elizabeth G. Garcia, $525,999.

BEXHILL CT.,12813-James H. and Virginia L. Noles to Scott and Laura Settar, $549,000.

CLARKE ST.,1101-Esteban Nunez and Maria Marquez to Nicola M. Gathright, $489,900.

CROSEN CT.,3050-Mark L. and Leslie B. Cushing to Jay E. and Edith A. Trageser, $1.1 million.

LEESBURG PIKE,10938-Judy L. Markell to Creekstone Hanchel Corp., $2.48 million.

MALEADY DR.,2032-Joel J. Karns and M. June Casalmir to Gloria Franco, $465,000.

MUIRKIRK LANE,13446-Michael A. Pflugrath to Dante A. Verme, $494,800.

NEW PARKLAND DR.,13173-Xiao D. and Guan H. Xu to John and Nicole F. Vlattas, $695,000.

PADDOCK GATE CT.,2610-Ariel and Yim Sigua to Kevin P. and Sun H. Dieter, $740,000.

PARAPET WAY,12854-Gary T. and Fredericka McCollum to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $1.05 million.

SHAKER DR.,1215-Robert J. and Rosann J. Farrell to Robert M. and Carol S. Kinney, $875,000.

SOCIETY DR.,12706-Bhavik M. and Vanita B. Patel to Melissa D. and Richard S. Fisher, $545,000.

SPRINGTIDE PL.,1309-Syed F. Iftikhar and Mahmooda Begum to Mercedes Alvarenga, $374,000.

TERRA COTTA CIR.,2500-Julan Shi to Ayten Kiles, $535,000.

TRAVELERS PL.,751-Leonard T. Smith to Nardnarid Watcharakorn and Phawinee Khanthabun, $470,000.

WENDELL HOLMES RD.,12478-Sterlin D. Hall to Ahdieh Bassam and Saied Samian Kalantari, $565,000.

WHITEWATER PL.,1113-Virgilio and Maria L. Vasquez to Romelia Cisneros Hernandez and Wilmer S. Vasquez, $330,000.

WOODLAND POND LANE,2390-Robert E. and Anita E. Cullen to Mona A. Rozbicki, $400,000.

Huntington Area

ALBEMARLE DR.,2703-Elizabeth Kelly and Wyatt Sean Poist to Jill M. and Richard J. Cassara, $340,000.

FIFER DR.,5847-Marvin Gomez to Manuel Guevara, $312,500.

HUNTINGTON AVE.,2212-Farhad and Azita Moalem to Eterna Oehme, $359,000.

RIVERVIEW TERR.,2308-Robert Cox and Isabel S. Auge to Mario Urbina, $365,000.

Hybla Valley Area

AUDUBON MEADOW WAY,7608-Smail Husicic to Jeffrey Andrew Furchak, $455,000.

AUDUBON MEADOW WAY,7700-John J. Hambel to Pedro and Ninett Gonzalez, $549,900.

BENSON DR.,6605-Christopher S. and Kelli A. Larrick to Jeremy M. and Erika Johnson Rissi, $745,000.

BENSON DR.,6609-William H. Parsons and Patricia A. Judkowski to Troy P. and Kendra L. Riley, $649,900.

CHIMNEY WOOD CT.,6372-Rutledge Family Partnership to Wendy R. Driver, $385,000.

CLAYBORNE AVE.,3213-Ana M. McDonald to Claudia Vigil, $780,000.

ELBA RD.,7610-Donald W. and Carol S. Muntz to Pamela C. and Kenneth R. Williams, $675,000.

ELBA RD.,7618-Gretchen and Lawrence Berg to Dennis and Jodie Burns, $550,000.

HULVEY TERR.,6625-Angus G. and Julie A. Hendrick to Esther Maria Mendez and Brian Nance, $572,500.

LANTERN PL.,4544-Myles J. Mielke to Noel E. Aguilar and Wilfida Flores, $565,000.

PARSONS CT.,7265-Capital Investments Corp. to Fernando and Elizabeth Carrillo, $375,000.

RICHMOND HWY.,6431, No. 203-Roger D. Hendrick to Ana M. Portillo, $230,000.

STOVER DR.,7224-Cheryl Y. Roberts to Natalie N. Laing, $390,000.

WINDBREAK DR.,2488-Hassan and Wahida Chowdhury to Isabel Diaz and Jose I. Ventura, $415,000.

Lincolnia Area

AUTUMN GLEN CT.,6462-Aycha Algadban to Jose Orlando Iraheta and Emad Ayyash, $512,000.

INDEPENDENCE CIR.,5656-Judy G. Silvia to Barbara Ntumy, $359,900.

INDEPENDENCE CIR.,5664-Kristina R. Khona to Sirva Relocation Credit Corp., $395,000.

LINCOLNIA RD.,6312-Richard and Nancy D. Wendel to Kenneth K. and Bethany M. Baldwin, $888,000.

OBSERVATION WAY,5130-Larry A. Tucker to Richard Allan Molen, $495,000.

Lorton Area

BLACKFOOT CT.,8572-Andrew Coutinho to Kathryn Norton, $325,000.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE,9211, No. 20-Zeenalyn Williams to Pablo Portillo, $355,000.

CATBIRD CIR.,8240, No. 8240B-201-Mary E. Doyle to Kevin T. Wagner, $300,000.

DAYTON ST.,8110-William B. and Marion H. Garber to Gary G. and Suzette L. Kent, $715,000.

DOUGLAS FIR DR.,8157-Kyungjae Cho to Gaurav Abrol, $812,000.

ENOCHS DR.,8531-Susan C. Foster and Donald Wilson to Cendant Mobility Relocation Co., $414,500.

HAGEL CIR.,9912-Kelia N. Bennett to Guadalupe Roman, $337,000.

LINDEN OAKS CT.,8310-Amandeep R. Gill to Ralph B. Cox, $435,000.

LORRAINE CAROL WAY,9765-Wayne A. Brown to Edward Barfield, $650,000.

OLD POHICK CT.,8101-Charles L. Keeney to Mohammad Khalid Khan, $435,000.

PARSON MASSEY PL.,9636-David M. Janac to Hyunju Choi, $549,000.

STANA CT.,7668-Albert T. Baity to Raymond Pierce and Liberty Pierce, $325,000.

STONEGARDEN DR.,9178-Ben P. Hoang and Thao T. Nguyen to Aldana Yamila Cruz, $780,000.

UNITY LANE,9518-Garnette B.J. and Susan N. Williams to William B. and Maria V. Davis, $386,000.

McLean Area

BENT TWIG RD.,5828-Antonio and Ilona B. Goncalves to Rebecca Ranich, $925,000.

CARPER ST.,1109-Agnes Dean Strong to Barry H. and Judith J. Eady, $640,000.

CRAIG LANE,1628-Georges Raoul Jacob to Kenneth C. and Melanie S. Sanders Smith, $665,000.

ELLIOTT AVE.,2120-Vincent W. Sedmak and Janee L. Sedmak to Erik J. and Catherine S. Linn, $2.33 million.

GREENSBORO DR.,8370, No. 320-Gum Sil Yang to Ganbaatar Puntsag and Ganchimeg Gorzoi, $365,000.

HOLLAND ST.,6630-Premier Development Corp. to Stuart L. and Regina B. Solomon, $3.85 million.

HUNTOVER CT.,1174-Peter and Stephanie Djinis to Erik J. and Kathryn A. Swenson, $1.17 million.

INGLESIDE AVE.,1220-Thomas L. and Patricia A. Dahl to Edwin N. and Marianne B. Lavergne, $1.73 million.

JILL CT.,6615-K. Clark and Eleanor B. Childers to Terry L. and Dorothy S. Hall, $1.26 million.

KELLOGG DR.,6304-Peter M. and Kristen K. Jeffries to Ernest S. and Karen Saeys Rosenberg, $879,000.

LINCOLN WAY,1515, No. 304B-Fred Maier to Eleanor B. Pearson, $275,000.

OLD MEADOW RD.,1800, No. 1504-Hamideh and Firooz Aghdam to David H. and Rosemary W. Thomas, $415,000.

OVERLOOK RD.,8638-Hong Bae and Pil Jae Hong Lee to Asif Khan and Amna Aslam, $1.15 million.

PINE HILL RD.,1212-Frederick E. and Kim E. Ellis to Richard and Jenifer R. Lesan, $915,000.

SPRING GATE DR.,1550, No. 8204-Khadir Richie to Sara K. Streeter, $290,000.

SPRING GATE DR.,1550, No. 8308-Jeong Mee Kim to Ricky Cho, $450,000.

TITANIA LANE,1309-Carl A. Steinhagen to Darlene M. Liao and Angelo A. Chang, $900,000.

WILSON LANE,1918, No. T4-Jason R. Friedman to William Harris and Benjamin Reynolds Lawrence, $264,900.

WINDY HILL CT.,7405-William G. and Janet L. Fry to Francis Edwin Froelich, $1.3 million.

Mount Vernon Area

ASHBORO DR.,7918-Fekerte Shiferaw to Luis A. Velis, $555,770.

BEEKMAN PL.,8641, No. B-Duane Epperson to Maria Spear, $255,000.

CEDAR RD.,5204-Gerald V. Shoemaker to Jose F. Leiva and Maira Valle, $529,000.

CLAREMONT WOODS DR.,8357, No. L-Glenda S. Morrison to Doris E. Woods and Patricia J. Pearson, $235,000.

CURTIS AVE.,8636-Mark S. and Heather M. Pooley to William Prasad, $520,000.

EL CAMINO PL.,3851, No. 1-Rocio E. Ramos to Marcos A. Contreras and Victor M. Velasquez, $309,000.

INGERSOL RD.,8229-Michael Misianowycz to Lucia and Jose O. Rivera, $575,000.

NEEDLES PL.,3809, No. A-Jorge Hernandez and Armando Gomez to Isabel C. Escamilla, $319,000.

OAK LEAF DR.,8716-Kimberly A. Brown and Gentry E. Reece to T. Hong Phuoc and Tran Hoa, $450,000.

OLD MOUNT VERNON RD.,9406-Sergio Rojo to David E. and Emily M. Simon, $914,630.

ORANGE CT.,8362-Jessie M. Foster to Jeff W. and Denise A. Wilburn, $807,000.

POLE RD.,4724-Landon H. Morgan to Gerald J. and Rita M. Brede, $705,000.

PONDSIDE TERR.,8317-Delwar Shams to Mohammad Sheikh Aslam, $345,000.

SACRAMENTO DR.,8500-Eduardo and Yesenia C. Febles to Jacqueline Perez, $350,000.

North Springfield Area

ANDERS TERR.,6719-Virginia M. Worsley to Tu Cao, $487,900.

BULLOCK LANE,8116-Kevin Phan and T. Sang to Sean S. Su, $570,000.

CALVIN CT.,5441-Shin On Sup to Sun Ok Wang, $425,000.

EASTON DR.,5209-Aslam Shabon to Carla Douglin and Qamar Shabon, $478,470.

EDSALL RD.,6720-Chee S. Yen and Lai C. Wong to Mirvais and Qudsia Ayubi, $570,000.

FERNDALE ST.,5212-Nhung T. and Kevin T. Truong to Shadi Khalil Abu El Hawa, $522,000.

FERNDALE ST.,5505-Betty H. Dixon to Martha Salmon, $477,000.

INVERCHAPEL RD.,5641-Frank Thorp to Rochelle B. Anderson, $539,888.

LITTLEFORD ST.,5408-David M. and Joan M. Pulaski to Mery Cortez, $518,000.

Oakton Area

FOX MILL RD.,3016-John H. and Glenda G. Shuford to Bruce M. and Donna H. Cook, $1.2 million.

HEINZ CT.,11689-John W. and Nancy L. Horton to Paul K. Lingebach and Lan Luu, $1.25 million.

VALEWOOD DR.,3445-Jason B. and Sara B. Slatter to Douglas K. and Carrie A. Helmann, $785,000.

Reston Area

ABINGTON HALL PL.,12185, No. 204-Anthony Rizzo to Anne T. Katz, $389,900.

IVY BUSH CT.,11560-Sharon L. Headrick to Gregory and Cynthia Porter, $369,000.

NIGHT STAR WAY,11403-Jacqueline D. Johnson to Brian P. and Melissa B. Morrison, $875,000.

WATERFRONT RD.,1484-Joan M. and Thomas C. Lewis to H. Thomas and Sarah J. Trimble, $1.39 million.

WEATHERSTONE CT.,1253-Sandra M. Burwell to Steven J. and Meghan N. Killiany, $510,000.

WILD CHERRY PL.,2643-Robert M. and Joan L. Duvall to Gregory T. and Kathleen E. Wilby, $815,000.

WILD HAWTHORN WAY,1218-Vance Raeside to Camille M. Collins, $565,000.

Seven Corners Area

APEX CIR.,3219-Stephanie Vuong to Felipe and Omar Villarroel, $558,000.

VALLEY LANE,3231-Thomas A. and Jennifer F. Hammer to John B. Whitlow, $800,000.

Springfield Area

AUGUSTA DR.,5928-Kenneth M. and Deborah S. Funk to Zoraida L. and Saul S. Ochoa, $500,000.

BARCAROLE CT.,8086-Anja Landon to Ana G. Rivera, $351,400.

BENT ARROW CT.,8675-David W. Alwine to Jay R. and Jennifer M. Bondgren, $390,000.

CANDYTUFT CT.,7522-Steven C. and Phyllis M. Smith to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $650,000.

CLIFFOREST DR.,8128-Scott R. George to Tanya S. Nixon, $425,000.

DEEPFORD ST.,6535-Mir Afzai and Nadia Afsal to Juana Claros, $599,900.

DEER RIDGE TRAIL,6075-John R. and Marcia K. Jarrell to Albert W. and Tracey Linegar Taylor, $960,000.

DONEGAL LANE,8081-Scott and Edith A. Maple to David Fox and Spring Bailey, $394,900.

EAGLE ROCK LANE,8816-Renatow Perez to Wilfredo Perez, $450,000.

ELDER AVE.,6713-Thomas D. and Constance M. Spears to Hartwood Foundation Inc., $630,000.

FREDERICK ST.,6002-Jaime N. and Lourdes Rojas to Rapalo Maria Del Carmen, $595,000.

GOLDEN SUNSET LANE,9011-James M. and Deborah D. Burlingame to Kevin J. and Christine T. Sullivan, $485,000.

HAMOR LANE,7137-Marvin S. and Joan O. Shaffer to Jack A. and Margaret Kelly Merenda, $625,000.

HANKS PL.,7104-Gregory R. and Candace L. Bauer to Ronald and Melanie Rodgers, $540,000.

HANOVER AVE.,6202-Raul Ramos to Nelly Torrico, $459,970.

LAKE PLEASANT DR.,7930-Sun Chanly to Lyhieng Sreng and Chin Samrattanak, $532,500.

LAKE PLEASANT DR.,7937-Hedy Colleen Pinkerton to Heike Schmidt, $640,000.

LAVENDER LANE,7206-Federico V. and Myrna S. Ramos to Jonathan Yu, $419,000.

LUCE CT.,8385-Steven M. and Annette L. Gotfried to Matthew D. and Melissa T. Cowden, $370,000.

NORTHERN OAKS CT.,7690-Kristi R. Richardson to Juana Jesus Contreras, $395,000.

ROCKY FORGE CT.,8329-Rebecca Angeles to Laura K. Watson, Joel D. Benson and Andrew Watson, $345,000.

ROLLING RD.,7516-Clifford and Robin L. Braverman to Mary L. Gunter and Angel T. Barroso, $537,000.

RUSKIN ST.,6715-Matthew P. Thomas to Melba M. Sanchez and Marvin A. Escovar, $528,000.

SHADOWLAKE WAY,8835-David B. and Mary W. Small to Peter S. and Martha C. Bloom, $689,900.

SPRING GARDEN DR.,7096, No. 101-Obaidullah and Rohina Rashid to Hafiz Sekandari, $255,000.

SWEET GUM PL.,8800-Alan H. Marshall to Wayne and Lori Rogers, $480,000.

TRIPS WAY,6383-John L. and Jacqueline M. Clark to Gladis E. Rivas, $430,000.

WIND SONG CT.,8644-Daniel M. Jones to Adam S. and Inez M. Hoo, $510,000.

Vienna Area

ABBOTSFORD DR.,1822-James D. and Pauline K. Knipe to Denis and Kimberley K. Lynch, $720,000.

AMANDA CT.,2621-Augusto M. Arostegui and Maria E. Sivit Arostegui to Rosario M. Val, $968,000.

BRENNER CT.,9455-Alan B. and Roberta E. Munro to Michael and Ruth B. Biddick, $1.3 million.

BURNING TREE DR.,1720-Ian C. and Francesca H. Kelly to Nicole M. Davis and Thomas E. Shelton, $580,000.

CELESTA CT.,1408-Hala Nasralla to Zuhair Alkinani, $831,000.

CLEARFIELD AVE.,10005-Joelle C. Khoriaty to Andrew E. and Marian R. Harrs, $1.44 million.

CLOVERMEADOW DR.,1780-Joe S.C. Pi to Maria L. Cadima and R.T. Cadima, $1.02 million.

CROWELL RD.,1424-Louis A. and Cynthia S. Kleiman to Cindy L. Fox, $1 million.

DRAKE ST.,1207-Douglas J. Byrnes to Barbara A. Foote, $650,000.

GERKEN AVE.,2232-Thomas F. and Dana D. Hanton to Philip and Pamela J. Dion, $824,900.

HARVEST OAK DR.,8512-James K. and Anne H. Trefil to Jane Y. Lee, $715,000.

HIDDEN ESTATES COVE,9855-Hu Kevin Xuekai and Hong Chen to Roxana Rivera Del Castillo and Julio Castro, $921,900.

HILLINGTON CT.,10159-Michael L. and Jennifer K. Demarco to Thomas J. and Frances R. Murray, $890,000.

HUNT VALLEY DR.,8440-Madjid Matin to David R. McWilliams and Ruth L.S. McWilliams, $700,000.

MCNEIL ST.,8229-Scott M. Burke to Candice L. Bloomfield, $615,000.

PARK ST.,604-Jana S. Johnston and Michael F. Moritzkat to Lawrence C. and Julia A. Mendosa, $1.38 million.

RIVIERA DR.,2305-Karen E. Smith to David S. Gray and Shannon L. Kroeger, $861,000.

ROBERTS DR.,610-Diane L. Edwards to Athanasia Peters, $610,000.

SILK OAK DR.,10502-Vernal W. Terry to Rajesh Santhanam and Toral Parikh, $845,000.

TYSON OAKS CIR.,7889-Subash Boda to Alexandra Picco, $449,000.

WATER FALLS LANE,10686-Albert Chau and Trang X. Do to Nick and Sheridan Nobakht, $1.4 million.

West Springfield Area

BEDSTRAW CT.,7102-Carol M. Starr to Mario Ruben and Virginia V. Arandia, $432,200.

BLARNEY STONE CT.,6461-Yi D. Zheng to Juan Oswaldo Munoz, $399,000.

CARNATION CT.,7103-Daniel L. and Paula Deforest to Mark S. and Kathleen M. Spillman, $620,000.

FILBERT CT.,6007-Timothy J. and Sheila A. Fowler to William B. and Sharon M. Webb, $603,000.

HALL ST.,5958-Edwin L. and Joan Hullander to Faten and Ahmed Bush, $620,000.

HILLSIDE RD.,6212-Darlene A. Farrell to Roberto A. Molinari, $398,000.

KEENE DR.,6612-Rosa Y. Herrera to Raymond C. Schonasky, $467,500.

KINGSGATE RD.,8312, No. F-Keum Ja Kim to Yoon Hee Park, $330,000.

MOVERLY CT.,8813-Carl P. and Geraldine S. Hoffman to John Lifsey, $515,000.

SHAMROCK CT.,8913-Tran Lilliane to Atilia Perez, Gaston Santos and Zulli Santos, $409,900.

SPRINGFIELD VILLAGE DR.,7919-Karin K. McCharen and Elam B. McCharen to Michael P. and Jamie Ann Tomberlin, $531,500.

SURREY HILL PL.,5902, No. C-Shawn P. Hughes to George A. Anyanwu, $240,000.

WAINFLEET CT.,6411-Daren L. and Genevieve Spessert to Elizabeth Turnbull and Jean Charles Robert, $512,000.

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