Winning Parties in More Ways Than One

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Friday, January 5, 2007

It was a big party for Nancy Pelosi at the stunning Kalorama home of Democratic fundraiser Esther Coopersmith Wednesday night -- it just didn't turn out to be a party with Nancy Pelosi.

The new speaker never managed to pry herself away from another dinner in her honor over at the Italian Embassy. But no matter: Everyone was all atwitter over the other newly ordained superstar who did stop by.

"Isn't it wonderful that Adrian Fenty was here!" gushed one doyenne.

The new mayor somehow made the scene all over town that night. First, the inaugural party for Ward 5 Council member Harry Thomas Jr. at Love nightclub in Northeast. Then a swearing-in reception for school board members at Sumner School downtown. Then the drop-by at Coopersmith's, a party hosted by California's congressional sister act Loretta and Linda Sanchez, and populated by some 250 people at its peak -- reps, diplomats and the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart and Bob Weir (sporting a Jerryesque gray beard and having a meditative moment spinning an antique globe in the study). Fenty was caught up in the mingling throngs in the foyer but lingered for almost an hour, according to some guests. "In a room with legitimate rock stars, it added another rock star aura to the mix," noted Jim Dau, press secretary to Linda Sanchez.

And then Fenty was off again, this time to Foggy Bottom to catch the GWU men's basketball victory over Fordham, where he was introduced on the Jumbotron. "The only time in recorded history that a politician was not booed at an athletic event," said his host, WTOP political commentator Mark Plotkin. "But it is his first day on the job."

Hardly an unusual night, said spokeswoman Carrie Brooks -- he kept that pace over two years of campaigning and had at least three such events scheduled last night. Red Bull? "He's a Vitamin Water guy."

Meanwhile, who could blame Pelosi for lingering at the seated dinner her folks hosted for supporters at the packed Italian Embassy, where the 500-some guests included Chris Dodd, Madeleine Albright, Barbara Boxer and Charlie Rangel. On the menu -- lamb, vegetables and risotto. On the mike -- James Taylor and Tony Bennett, who sang, of course, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco."

Raven Goodwin, a Girl Who Has Her Act Together

Raven Goodwin.
The young actress is off to a sassy start on Nickelodeon.(Courtesy Townsend Management)
Another local kid makes good! Fourteen-year-old actress Raven Goodwin has landed her first regular TV gig on Nickelodeon's new teen comedy "Just Jordan," which premieres Sunday night. The show stars 16-year-old comedian Lil' JJ, with Goodwin playing his wisecracking cousin Tangie. "I'm sooo excited," she told us yesterday. "Tangie is very sassy."

Goodwin caught the acting bug when she was 4 and spent the next decade beefing up her résumé with commercials and movies (she got raves for her roles in high-profile indie flicks "Lovely & Amazing" and "The Station Agent") while going to school at Lyndon Hill Elementary School in Prince George's County. The family moved to Los Angeles two years ago, where she did TV ("All of Us," "Everybody Hates Chris," "Malcolm in the Middle") between home schooling.

She's already shot 13 episodes of the Nick series, and will see the premiere with family and friends at a viewing party Sunday night. "I can't wait to see how everything came out," she said. "They should get ready to laugh because the first episode is hilarious."


Wednesday night's full moon brought all sorts of VIPs out on the town:

Laura Bush, Condi Rice, Mary Matalin, Margaret Spellings and Harriet Miers at Cactus Cantina for a surprise birthday party for Karen Hughes. A dozen Bush administration power babes gathered at the Tex-Mex restaurant for fajitas, enchiladas, quesadillas, margaritas and chocolate cake with a "classified" number of candles. (Hughes turned 50 on Dec. 27.) No word on how many hot chilies Miers ate, but she announced her resignation yesterday morning. Hmmmm.

Newt Gingrich at DC Coast. The former House speaker and his wife were joined by former Virginia governor Mark Warner. No word on who's running for what.

Pat Leahy and a small group at the Tabard Inn welcoming Vermont's newly minted Rep. Peter Welch.

Jean Kennedy Smith, son William and his family at Nathans, sitting under the David Kennerly photograph of Bobby Kennedy.

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