Your Picks for the Cream of the '06 Crop

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Sunday, January 7, 2007

We asked readers to vote online for the best Washington gossip of 2006. (Regrettably ineligible: the too-hot-for-Page-C3 stuff like Dick Cheney's hunting accident and Patrick Kennedy's midnight drive that vaulted straight to A1.) Here's how they ranked -- and whether we think those VIPs will remain top gossip fodder in the New Year.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney ( attacks a CapHill police officer in new-hairdo/mistaken-identity debacle) -- 34.6 percent

Chances in '07? Poor: She lost her seat after the fracas.

Mary Cheney (veep's gay daughter pregnant, will raise child with life partner) -- 21.3 percent

Chances in '07? Excellent: Especially if they get more money for the pics than Shiloh's or Suri's.

Jessica Simpson ( flips out during KenCen tribute to Dolly Parton) -- 9.6 percent

Chances in '07? Good: Once a star gets a taste of a Capitol Hill scrum, she can't stay away.

Borat (beguiles D.C. reporters with gimmick news conference at Kazakh Embassy) -- 6.3 percent

Chances in '07? Poor: We're not falling for that shtick again! Unless he comes back as Ali G.

Jenna Bush (ditches D.C. teaching job for Panama internship, and other stories) -- 6.2 percent

Chances in '07? Hard call: Could dominate the local gossip charts till '09 if she wanted but squandered it by moving away.

K-Fed (Britney's ex enters wrestling ring to announce"My name is not K-Fed") -- 6.2 percent

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