Your Picks for the Cream of the '06 Crop

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By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Sunday, January 7, 2007

We asked readers to vote online for the best Washington gossip of 2006. (Regrettably ineligible: the too-hot-for-Page-C3 stuff like Dick Cheney's hunting accident and Patrick Kennedy's midnight drive that vaulted straight to A1.) Here's how they ranked -- and whether we think those VIPs will remain top gossip fodder in the New Year.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney ( attacks a CapHill police officer in new-hairdo/mistaken-identity debacle) -- 34.6 percent

Chances in '07? Poor: She lost her seat after the fracas.

Mary Cheney (veep's gay daughter pregnant, will raise child with life partner) -- 21.3 percent

Chances in '07? Excellent: Especially if they get more money for the pics than Shiloh's or Suri's.

Jessica Simpson ( flips out during KenCen tribute to Dolly Parton) -- 9.6 percent

Chances in '07? Good: Once a star gets a taste of a Capitol Hill scrum, she can't stay away.

Borat (beguiles D.C. reporters with gimmick news conference at Kazakh Embassy) -- 6.3 percent

Chances in '07? Poor: We're not falling for that shtick again! Unless he comes back as Ali G.

Jenna Bush (ditches D.C. teaching job for Panama internship, and other stories) -- 6.2 percent

Chances in '07? Hard call: Could dominate the local gossip charts till '09 if she wanted but squandered it by moving away.

K-Fed (Britney's ex enters wrestling ring to announce"My name is not K-Fed") -- 6.2 percent

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