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TSA Screeners May Get Union Rights

"The senator doesn't see any national security reason to single out the TSA screeners," spokeswoman Leslie Phillips said. "Other security personnel like customs agents and the Border Patrol have the right to collective bargaining, and that has not impaired their ability to protect American security."

John Gage, AFGE president, said yesterday that "now is the time for change." The screeners, he said, "deserve equality."

OPM Nominee

Howard C. Weizmann has been selected by the president to serve as the next deputy director at the Office of Personnel Management, the White House announced.

Weizmann is the president of the Private Sector Council, a part of the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service.

The council, founded in 1983 by David Packard and other executives, grew out of the Grace Commission, which was chartered by President Ronald Reagan to find ways to save taxpayer dollars and improve government efficiency.

Weizmann has worked for nearly 30 years in a variety of corporate and nonprofit positions. He is a former managing consultant for the Washington, Philadelphia and Richmond offices of Watson Wyatt Worldwide, the human resources consulting firm. His nomination requires Senate confirmation.

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