Correction to This Article
The Jan. 14 Reliable Source column in the Style section gave the wrong publication date for an item about New Jersey Republican Rep. Mike Ferguson (R-N.J.). The item appeared in The Washington Post on April 4, 2003, not 2004.
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15 Years of Gossip Goodies

May 23, 2004: Hill staffer Jessica Cutler (a.k.a. "Washingtonienne") gave her first interview about her Internet sex diary. "Everything is true," she said. "It's so cliched. It's like, 'There's a slutty girl on the Hill?' There's millions of 'em."

Nov. 9, 2004: National Security Council aide Robert Blackwill's habit of prancing around naked in his curtainless Georgetown townhouse proved too much for his neighbors. Said one, "I've seen something that no man should see at 6:30 in the morning."

Sept. 12, 2006: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and family jetted into town to join new business partner Dan Snyder -- not just for the Redskins season opener, but also an after-hours escapade at Six Flags where the two moguls rode bumper cars and danced the Electric Slide with their kids.

Believe It or Not, We Don't Have Term Limits

  • Lois Romano, January 1992-July 1995: Baby boomers grab Washington, Dems lose House. Now: Reporting on Capitol Hill for The Post's National staff.
  • Ann Gerhart and Annie Groer, September 1995-April 1999: Socks the Cat, Monica Lewinsky. Now: Gerhart is features editor of Style; Groer reports for the Home section.
  • Lloyd Grove, May 1999-July 2003: High-tech millionaires, hanging chads. Now: After a three-year gossip stint at the New York Daily News, he's in NYC "putting away a quart of gin before lunch, and I stay in my bathrobe most of the day and I'm watching 'Judge Judy.' All of the judge shows, in fact."
  • Rich Leiby, January 2004-May 2005: Threat levels, blogs. Now: Reporter, assignment editor in Style.
  • September 2005-present: Bush twins, global warming.

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