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The Jan. 14 Reliable Source column in the Style section gave the wrong publication date for an item about New Jersey Republican Rep. Mike Ferguson (R-N.J.). The item appeared in The Washington Post on April 4, 2003, not 2004.
15 Years of Gossip Goodies

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to us! This column debuted Jan. 13, 1992, and should be just about eligible for a learner's permit by now. Join us as we flip through our baby book. . .

May 11, 1993: White House spokesman George Stephanopoulos brought his new girlfriend, actress Jennifer Grey, to the Oval Office, going quasi-public with a relationship that boosted his gossip-column standing. "Very California bohemian," a witness said. (They split by early '94; he wed actress Alexandra Wentworth in 2001. )

May 20, 1993: Air Force One lingered on the LAX runway for an hour so that hairstylist Cristophe of Beverly Hills "could be whisked on board to cut Bill Clinton's locks. And this is not any old barber. Try his wife's coiffeur . . ." (White House officials scrambled to deny the $200 haircut caused delays for other travelers.)

Feb. 8, 1994: Jack Kent Cooke declared his 3 1/2 -year marriage to Marlene Ramallo Chalmers "void" because her divorce from a previous husband was invalid -- this after the U.S. government tried to deport her, she mysteriously shot herself in the hand, and she was arrested for driving through Georgetown with a man pounding on the hood of her Jaguar. (They remarried two years before his '97 death, but he cut her out of his will.)

Oct. 17, 1995: Suzanne Cooke complained her Redskins-owning ex wasn't paying private school tuition for their daughter, Jacqueline. "I am appalled that Jack would do this to his own flesh and blood," she said. Mark Barondess, Suzanne's lawyer, noted drily: "If Jacqueline were a stadium, maybe Jack could find the money."

March 15, 1996: Democratic strategist James Carville allowed his King Charles spaniel to go on the Capitol grounds, but failed to clean up after the pooch. "It's a free-speech thing -- it's not a dog poop case," Carville said. "My dog was expressing his opinion of the Republican Congress." A witness called it "totally disgusting."

June 16, 1998: Sen. John McCain groveled to President Bill Clinton after making a vulgar joke about Chelsea, Hillary and Attorney General Janet Reno at a Republican fundraiser. Clinton accepted the "abject, contrite and profuse" apology.

June 15, 1998: Jennifer Aniston insisted she and Brad Pitt were "just friends" despite their public cuddling on the VIP balcony of the 9:30 club during the Tibetan Freedom Festival. (They wed two years later, divorced in '05.)

Oct. 26, 1999: "Newt Gingrich is in the middle of a bank-account-draining divorce, but the former House speaker is living large." Gingrich and lady love Callista Bisek shared dinner at the Old Angler's Inn, ordering the priciest item on the wine list -- a $450 bottle of 1983 Chateau Latour. (They wed in 2000.)

May 17, 2001: Two young women created a ruckus like "something out of a Jerry Springer episode" outside Rep. Jim Moran's house on his 56th birthday, a witness said. "Moran had the redhead by the arm. . . . She pointed at the blonde and yelled: 'That . . . is the one who should leave! I was invited! How could you do this to me?' " Explained an aide: "It was just two very good friends who came to give him birthday presents and were surprised that the other one was there." (Moran wed businesswoman LuAnn Bennett in 2004. )

March 25, 2003: Tim Robbins snarled after the Source ran an item about Susan Sarandon's Republican mom, who claimed the Hollywood liberals had "brainwashed" her grandson. " 'Wait. You're the one who wrote about Susan's mother?' Robbins narrowed his eyes and pursed his lips. . . . He moved within inches and said into our ear: "If you ever write about my family again, I will [bleeping] find you and I will [bleeping] hurt you."

April 4, 2004: Georgetown undergrad Michelle Mezoe accused Rep. Mike Ferguson of grabbing her at the Rhino Bar and Pumphouse. Mezoe said the New Jersey Republican handed her his congressional ID pin and said she could keep it if she would "come back and have a drink with me." The rep's spokesman denied it: "What we have here is a woman who took the congressman's pin and then refused to give it back."

May 23, 2004: Hill staffer Jessica Cutler (a.k.a. "Washingtonienne") gave her first interview about her Internet sex diary. "Everything is true," she said. "It's so cliched. It's like, 'There's a slutty girl on the Hill?' There's millions of 'em."

Nov. 9, 2004: National Security Council aide Robert Blackwill's habit of prancing around naked in his curtainless Georgetown townhouse proved too much for his neighbors. Said one, "I've seen something that no man should see at 6:30 in the morning."

Sept. 12, 2006: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and family jetted into town to join new business partner Dan Snyder -- not just for the Redskins season opener, but also an after-hours escapade at Six Flags where the two moguls rode bumper cars and danced the Electric Slide with their kids.

Believe It or Not, We Don't Have Term Limits

  • Lois Romano, January 1992-July 1995: Baby boomers grab Washington, Dems lose House. Now: Reporting on Capitol Hill for The Post's National staff.
  • Ann Gerhart and Annie Groer, September 1995-April 1999: Socks the Cat, Monica Lewinsky. Now: Gerhart is features editor of Style; Groer reports for the Home section.
  • Lloyd Grove, May 1999-July 2003: High-tech millionaires, hanging chads. Now: After a three-year gossip stint at the New York Daily News, he's in NYC "putting away a quart of gin before lunch, and I stay in my bathrobe most of the day and I'm watching 'Judge Judy.' All of the judge shows, in fact."
  • Rich Leiby, January 2004-May 2005: Threat levels, blogs. Now: Reporter, assignment editor in Style.
  • September 2005-present: Bush twins, global warming.
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