Cholera Outbreak in Angola Kills 2,760

The Associated Press
Tuesday, January 16, 2007; 2:07 AM

LUANDA, Angola -- More than 2,760 people have died of cholera in Angola since an epidemic broke out last February, authorities said Monday.

The Health Ministry said in a report that it had recorded more than 69,000 cases of cholera and 2,764 fatalities.

The epidemic, which started in Luanda, the capital, has spread to all but one of the southwest African country's 18 provinces.

Cholera is transmitted through contaminated water and is linked to poor hygiene, overcrowding and inadequate sanitation. Though it can be treated easily, cholera is a major killer in developing countries.

Angola's public infrastructure, including health care and sanitation systems, remains weak after a two-decade civil war that ended in 2002. Foreign aid agencies have been distributing water dispensers, water purification tablets and soap in affected areas.

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